Cheri's Weekly Update 3-11-16

posted Mar 11, 2016, 9:45 AM by Cynthia Friedman
Upcoming Events:
 *Sunday, March 13, Daylight Savings Begins – set clocks ahead 1 hour
· Friday, March 18, Ridgeline has school (note* this is different from 4J)
· Monday-Friday, March 21-25 Spring Break
· Monday, March 28, Classes Resume

Thanks for returning homework Friday mornings.

RESEARCH: A popular aspect of the Montessori elementary curriculum is the opportunity children have to complete independent research. As we progress through studies in science and social science topics, a student may develop a special interest in a particular animal, country, invention, civilization, etc. Teachers welcome this interest and encourage the student (or students) to gather and organize information into a research project. When complete, students generally present the project to their classmates. We are all teachers and learners!

MATH FACTS: One of our goals for students is that they practice and memorize math facts. Younger children work towards learning addition facts through 18 (9+9) while older children focus on multiplication facts through 81 (9x9). Students can practice using flashcards at home as part of their homework routine. They can also practice in the classroom, playing math games or writing math facts. Once a week, students take a ‘memorization test’. Many of Ridgeline’s students use the free online program, Xtra Math, to practice math. Some add it to their workplans and use the computers at school. Students have a unique PIN that tracks progress. If you are interested in letting your student use x-tra math at home let us know, and we’ll send you the PIN. The address is

SHARING: March 14- A kitchen tool, March 21-Spring Break, March 28- Your Choice

GEOGRAPHY: Our next biome is forest habitats. We’ll begin with the familiar temperate forests then move on to tropical rain forests. If you have books or other material that supports this learning, please consider sharing.

Thanks for sharing your amazing children.

Cheri and Azusa
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