Cheri's Weekly Update 2-26-16

posted Feb 26, 2015, 12:55 PM by Cynthia Friedman
Upcoming Events:
Thursday, Feb. 26 We celebrate the 100th Day of School 
Thursday, March 5 Curriculum Sharing 3:15 and 6:00
Sunday, March 8 Daylight Savings Time begins. Move clocks ahead one hour
March 23-29 Spring Break. School resumes Monday, March 30

**HOMEWORK: Please return homework packets Friday morning. 

Successful DDD Pasta Dinner!!– Parents, thank you for helping to make this annual fundraiser a success. We enjoyed great food and fun company along with tremendous success in raising money for the DDD - $5,865 to be exact!  Thank you to the Pasta Gang, Cynthia/Jen Hackstadt, RCO Co-conveners, and all the wonderful volunteers!

CURRICULUM SHARING: You are invited to come to school with your child on Thursday, March 5, for Curriculum Sharing. Curriculum Sharing is a time when your child can show you the classroom and some favorite work. We have two times available on Thursday, 3/5, to accommodate family schedules. Come anytime between 3:15-4:15 or 6:00-7:00. Call or email if you have questions (681-9662)

Sharing Theme: 3/2- An item that weighs less than 5 pounds, 3/9- An item made from wood

SPRING BREAK: scheduled for the week of March 23–27. Back to school Monday, March 30

SOLAR SYSTEM: In March we’ll study the solar system, beginning with our closest star, the sun. It will be especially interesting to learn more about the first five dwarf planets: Ceres, Pluto, Eris, Makemake and Haumea. If you have books or materials that support this learning, please consider sharing with the class.

100TH DAY OF SCHOOL:  We celebrate the 100th day of school Thursday, February 26. Children can bring 100 small objects. These 100 items will be glued onto a 100 square paper grid and displayed. In past years children have brought beans, popcorn and other seeds, pennies, cotton balls, macaroni, stickers, etc. Use your imagination! We will write, count, add, subtract, divide and multiply 100! Please help (if necessary) your child count 100 objects, put in a container or bag and send to school. If you have questions, let us know.

Cheri and Azusa     *For more information about Ridgeline events, visit the website: