Cheri's Weekly Update 2-19-15

posted Feb 20, 2015, 11:57 AM by Cynthia Friedman

Upcoming Events:

Friday, Feb. 20          Pasta Dinner at 5:00 PM

**HOMEWORK: Please return homework packets Friday morning.


DDD Pasta Dinner – Our annual Ridgeline Community Pasta Dinner DDD Event will take place this Friday, February 20th from 5-7pm in the gym. Parent volunteers are working hard to organize the evening. We will serve penne pasta with pesto and marinara, bread, and salad. (Gluten-free options will be available.) There is no fee for the dinner, however we highly encourage families to bring their donation for the Direct Donation Drive. Visit with other Ridgeline families, sign up for e-scrip, bid on the classroom pasta bowls, and bring your donation for the DDD! We still need to raise $24,000 in order to pay for PE, our counselor, and music teacher this year!


BHANGRA DANCE PERFORMANCE!!! Although I wasn’t there to enjoy it first hand, I’ve watched a video of the dance. The student’s confidence and joy showed on their faces! Thank you to Sat Pavan and to our families for allowing the children this amazing opportunity!


THE ORCHESTRA ROCKED! Our students really enjoyed the Hult Center concert, “The Orchestra Rocks”. Many thanks to our music teacher, Stephanie Duve, who helped prepare the class for this event. The entireHult Center was filled with Springfield and Eugene public school students! I’m grateful to the Eugene Symphony for sponsoring this incredible opportunity for our kids!


Sharing Theme: 2/23- A hand tool, 3/2- An item that weighs less than 5 pounds


RAIN FOREST BIOME: Our next forest biome is the tropical rainforest. Children will construct a diorama that shows the layers of a forest. Please send a small rectangular (shoe box) to school next week byFriday! If you have books or materials that support this learning, please consider sharing with the class.


ZOOLOGY: The next vertebrate class we study is reptiles. These animals have rough, dry skin, lay leathery eggs and are cold-blooded. The four main groups of reptiles include crocodilians, lizards, snakes, and turtles. If you have books, materials (or a live specimen) that support this learning, please consider sharing with the class.


100TH DAY OF SCHOOL:  We will celebrate the 100th day of school next week Thursday, February 26. Children can bring 100 small objects. These 100 items will be glued onto a 100 square paper grid and displayed. In past years children have brought beans, popcorn and other seeds, pennies, cotton balls, macaroni, stickers, etc. Use your imagination! We will write, count, add, subtract, divide and multiply 100! Please help (if necessary) your child count 100 objects, put in a container or bag and send to school. If you have questions, let us know.


Thank you for sharing your confident and competent children.


Cheri and Azusa     *For more information about Ridgeline events, visit the website: