Cheri's Weekly Update 11-8-12

posted Nov 9, 2012, 11:31 AM by Cynthia Friedman
Holiday Monday: Monday, November 12, is Veteran’s Day and a school holiday. 

Sharing theme (week of 11/12): Joke or Comic Strip, (week of 11/19): Favorite Artwork 

Parent Feedback form: Help us improve our communication. We value your opinion. Please tell us what you thought of your student-led conference by completing the attached Conference Feedback Form. You can also request a hard copy from the office or classroom. 

Painters needed: The classroom needs brightening up and I’m looking for volunteers willing to spend some time painting the south wall a beautiful shade of soft marigold. Afterwards I hope to hang a cheerful valance above each window. If you can help, let me know. 

Eugene Symphony Youth Concert: Our class will attend “ The Orchestra Sings,” a special, elementary youth concert at the Hult Center next Tuesday, November 13. Transportation will be by LTD bus. We plan to leave school at 8:45 and return by 11:45. To support the learning opportunity this concert will provide, I’ve included an electronic copy of the study guide sent to us by the Eugene Symphony. I encourage you to discuss the composers, their music and the instruments of the orchestra with your student. The cost for this Field trip is $5 for the concert ticket. A permission form is attached. Please complete and return as soon as possible. Scholarships are available for this event. We are allowed only a limited number of adult chaperones for this trip, since it is a special event for Eugene school youth. We hope to attend another performance in the spring. 

Montessori Tidbit: The Montessori Math Curriculum has several “strands” or components: Base 10 Operations, Memorization, Linear Counting, Fractions, Geometry and Word Problems. In addition to these, we teach Probability, Estimating, Rounding and Measurement. The Montessori Math materials help young children understand math concepts and processes in a concrete and visual way, an approach that makes sense developmentally. As children mature and begin to learn abstractly, these early experiences provide a strong foundation for higher-level knowledge. 

Bars/Photos – We are asking ALL families to send a cereal or protein bar labeled with your student’s name, and a family photo (for encouragement & comfort), in a Ziploc bag. These will go into our emergency kits. The bars will be eaten in the event of an emergency or at field day, whichever comes first! Please send the bag (with the bar and photo) to school soon. Thanks. 

Upcoming Events:
Monday, Nov.12 Veteran’s Day. No School
Tuesday, Nov.13 Field Trip to Hult Center Concert: The Orchestra Sings
Friday, Nov. 16 Barnes and Noble Book Fair
Wednesday, Nov. 21 Stone Soup
Thur.-Fri., Nov 22-23 No School. Happy Thanksgiving! 

Cheri and Azusa 

The Orchestra Sings Permission Form 
On Tuesday, Nov. 13, the class will attend an elementary youth concert sponsored by the Eugene Symphony Orchestra. During this concert the students are guided through an interactive exploration of melody in music, singing along with the Eugene Symphony to “Ode to Joy” and “Simple Gifts”. The performance takes place at the Eugene Hult Center and transportation will be by LTD bus. We will leave school at 8:45, and return by 11:45, in time for lunch. The cost for the event is $5.00 per person. Please complete the attached permission form, enclose a check made out to Ridgeline Montessori Charter School (or cash) and return by Friday, November 9. Scholarships are available for this performance. If you would like scholarship information, please call the office,
(541-681-9662) or email:

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 

My child, _________________, has permission attend a special Elementary Youth concert at the Eugene Hult Center on Tuesday, Nov. 13. Students will be transported by LTD bus.

_________________ ______

parent signature date 

____ I have enclosed $5.00 for performance ticket. 

Ridgeline Montessori faculty continually strives to improve our practices. Please take a few minutes to complete this Conference Feedback Form and return it to the office by November 21, 2012.  

1. What was your overall impression of the 2012 student-directed conference?

o Positive o Neutral o Negative

2. Did you feel your student was organized and prepared to lead the conference?

o Yes o Somewhat o No

3. Did you feel there was adequate teacher input/participation?

o Yes o Somewhat o No

4. Did your student discuss current levels and/or share samples in the following areas?

c Writing

c Reading

c Math

c Science/Social Science

c Social/Emotional development

c Qualities of an effective (or Montessori) learner

5. Did your student (and the teacher) discuss goals for the upcoming year?

___Yes ___Somewhat ___ No

6. What did your student learn/gain by leading the conference?



7. What did you learn/gain from this conference?


8. How can we improve student led conferences?


9. Additional comments:


  ______________________________________ ____________________ Parent/Student Name (optional) Teacher Name 

Thank you for your input.