Cheri's Weekly Update 11-1-13

posted Nov 6, 2013, 11:10 AM by Cynthia Friedman
Upcoming Events:
Friday, 11/1 No School. Family Conferences and Clothing Exchange.
Sunday, 11/3 Daylight Savings time ends. Set Clocks back one hour.
Monday, 11/4 No School. Family Conferences and Clothing Exchange.
Monday, 11/11 No School. Veteran’s Day
Friday, 11/15 Bookfair at Barnes and Noble 6:00-8:00pm
Thursday, 11/21 Send veggies that students can prepare for Stone Soup
Friday, 11/22 Stone Soup play and lunch celebration
Mon thru Fri.11/25-29 No School. Budget reduction days & Thanksgiving. 

INTERNATIONAL DAY: Our International Day celebration was today! 

FAMILY CONFERENCES: Friday, 11/1, and Monday, 11/4, Ridgeline has set aside staff time for family conferences. There is no school for students on these days. If you want to confirm your conference time, please call the office 541-681-9662. I look forward to meeting with you. 

Food Pantry: Please help replenish our food pantry if you can.  
Sharing Week of 11/4: An instrument or a collection Week of 11/11: A joke or comic strip 

*Artist of the month: Matisse *Composer of the month: Bach 

ZOOLOGY: Since the school year began, the students have progressed through the Montessori cultural curriculum in Zoology and Botany. We’ve discussed and identified characteristics of things living and nonliving, the six kingdoms of life, and vertebrates and invertebrates. Now the younger children begin their study of the 5 classes of vertebrates and the olders will delve into the nine phyla of invertebrates. After learning about characteristics, body parts and types of animals in each group, the students will research specific animals of their choice. Montessorians believe the importance of these studies lies not so much in the content but in the understanding that organizational systems exist that make it possible to group things based on similarities and differences. This knowledge enhances further learning. 

Dismissal Protocol
· Students must stay with their teacher/assistant during dismissal.         
· Students sign out when their “pick-up” adult arrives or when they leave campus (walkers, bikers, bussers)          
· The student is the responsibility of the “pick-up” adult and must stay with that adult if remaining on school grounds.            
· The dismissal area is very hectic between 3-3:20pm. We ask parents to take their students to the playground after pick-up, if they wish to stay and visit.           
· Students may not wait with a friend of the family or a friend’s parents while they are waiting to be picked up. They must remain with their teacher/assistant           
· Students will go to the office, 15 minutes after dismissal, to call a parent for pick-up 

Thanks for your cooperation Cheri and Azusa