Cheri's Weekly Update 10-15-15

posted Oct 16, 2015, 1:28 PM by Cynthia Friedman
Upcoming Events:
Tuesday, 10/20: Curriculum Sharing 3:15-4:15 or 6:00-7:00
Thursday, 10/22: Field Trip to Detering Orchards
Thursday, 10/29: International Day for Cheri’s Class. Dress in clothing from another country.
Friday, 10/30 and Monday, 11/2: Family Conferences. No school.
Tuesday, 11/10: Hult Center Field Trip
Wednesday, 11/11: Veteran’s Day. No School.
Friday, 11/13: Grandperson’s Day at Ridgeline AND Barnes & Noble Book Fair

Full year calendar is available at:

Sharing Themes: Oct. 19- A poem or joke, Oct. 26- An instrument or a collection.

HARVEST TIME: Our focus this month is on foods we eat that are harvested in the fall, especially those that are grown locally. Last week we immersed ourselves in corn! This week and next we’ll be learning about different types of apples. And, in preparation for our field trip, we’ll study types of Winter squash, especially pumpkins!

THE ORIGIN OF CORN: We all enjoyed learning about (and eating) corn on the cob last week. I was surprised to discover that unlike other grains there is no wild relative of corn. Geneticists and archaeologists believe corn was developed from an ancient plant in Mexico almost 9000 years ago. We all watched a you tube video describing the investigation. Several of your kids asked that I send the link so they can watch it with their families!

PUMPKIN PATCH FIELD TRIP: Our Pumpkin Patch field trip to Detering Orchards is scheduled for Thursday, October 22. This year we plan to rent a 4J bus. Since there will be extra room on the bus, we are hoping parents will choose to come and help supervise students. Although Detering’s does not charge for the tour or the pumpkins, we will need to pay mileage/time for the bus. To cover the cost we ask that bus riders pay $5.00. Children will tour the orchards, pick an apple and choose a pumpkin to bring home. Please complete the attached permission form and return with cash or a check made out to Ridgeline as soon as possible. If the cost presents a hardship please call our school office for scholarship information. 541-681-9662

CURRICULUM SHARING: Here’s an opportunity for parents to come into the classroom with your student and allow them to show you some favorite work and activities. This event is scheduled for after school on Tuesday, October 20. Families can come into the classrooms anytime from 3:15-4:15 or from 6:00-7:00pm. Be sure to check out wonderful PEACE art and poetry displayed in the hallways. Hope you can join is.

INTERNATIONAL DAY FOR CHERI’S CLASS: No Halloween costumes but a chance to dress up! Thursday before Halloween (October 29), come to school with clothing or an object that represents another country. Students will work together to make flags and maps of their country. They will also share information with their classmates. Questions? Please email or send a note. 541-681-9662

Thanks, Cheri and Azusa

Detering Orchards Field Trip
On Thursday, October 22, we plan to visit Detering Orchards in Harrisburg. We will travel via 4J school bus and plan to leave school at 9:40 and return by 12:00. The children will tour the orchards where they will pick apples, ride in a wagon and choose a pumpkin to bring back to school. Please send an extra-strong, reusable bag that your student can use to carry their pumpkin. Rain gear (boots & jackets) may be necessary. Pumpkins will stay at school for a day or two so we can wash, weigh and measure them. Please send $5.00 for each bus rider. If the cost presents a hardship and you would like scholarship information, please call the office. (541-681-9662).

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

My child, ___________________, has permission to travel with the class to Detering Orchards, Oct. 22. A 4J school bus will transport students.

__­­­­­­­­­______________ _______ parent signature date

Yes No I have included $5.00 per wagon rider.

Yes No My child will bring a strong, reusable bag.

Yes No I would like to join the class and help supervise students.

Name: ____________________ Best contact number: ___________