Cheri's Weekly Update 1-7-16

posted Jan 11, 2016, 2:09 PM by Cynthia Friedman
Many Thanks!! Azusa and I thank you for your cards, gifts, delicious treats and holiday wishes. We so appreciate our ridgeline families & wish you an awesome 2016!

Upcoming Events:
Mon-Tues, Jan. 11 and 12 Dickie Jo's & Dickie Yo's Restaurant Fundraiser
Monday, Jan. 18 No School - Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
Monday, Feb. 1 No School - Grading Day.
Friday, Jan. 22 Talent Show

Homework begins again next week!

Sharing: Jan. 4- New Year’s Resolution or a favorite book, Jan. 11-Something made with wool
A new Sharing theme list attached!

SCHEDULE CHANGE: Beginning February 2, PE and Music classes will change to Tuesday and Thursday. Art class will happen Wednesday afternoons. If you are available to help with Art (1:00-2:00pm), beginning in February, please let us know.

STUDENT ATTENDANCE: If your student will be tardy or absent for the day, please let the office know by calling 541-681-9662 to leave a message.

CULTURAL STUDIES: We begin January with a study of polar habitats. Antarctica and the Arctic are lands of extremes. People, animals and plants have developed very interesting survival strategies. If you have objects or books that support our learning, please consider sharing.

CHEMISTRY: We will also delve deeper into the study of atoms and elements, tiny bits of matter. The children learned about hydrogen particles during the Creation of the Universe story. We’ll look at other elements and discuss their characteristics. Again, if you have objects or books that support our learning, please consider sharing.

Montessori Tidbit: The Montessori Math Curriculum has several “strands” or components: Base 10 Operations, Memorization, Linear Counting, Fractions, Geometry and Word Problems. In addition to these, we teach Probability, Estimating, Rounding and Measurement. The Montessori Math materials help young children understand math concepts and processes in a concrete and visual way, an approach that makes sense developmentally. As children mature and begin to learn abstractly, these early experiences provide a strong foundation for higher-level knowledge.

Thank you for sharing your amazing children.

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