Cheri's Weekly Update 1-23-15

posted Jan 23, 2015, 11:16 AM by Cynthia Friedman
Upcoming Events:
Friday, Jan. 30 No School. Grading Day.
Monday, Feb. 16 No School. President’s Day                       
Tuesday, Feb. 17 “The Orchestra Rocks” Student Concert at Hult Center (10:30-11:20) 

 **HOMEWORK: Please return homework packets Friday morning. 

Sharing Theme: 1/19- a tool that measures length, 1/26- a tool that measures time 

HOUSE OF CHEN: We had a wonderful experience traveling via LTD to House of Chen for a delicious pre-Chinese New Year lunch. The restaurant’s décor is authentic Chinese and our kids enjoyed the cultural as well as the culinary experience! Egg Flower soup, chow mien noodles, fried rice and Mar Far chicken were enjoyed by all! We also drank tea, used chopsticks, read our fortune cookie’s message, practiced Chinese greetings and brought home special Chinese zodiac placemats! Thanks to the parent volunteers that supervised our students and helped to get us all back to school safe and happy! 

AFTER SCHOOL PROGRAMS AT RIDGELINE – Several organizations are now offering after school programs at Ridgeline! If you are interested in after school activities for your student(s) see details near the bottom of the eNews in a new section called “After School Programs At Ridgeline.” Current programs include: Imagination Yoga, Young Rembrandts, and TGA Tennis & Golf. 

GRADING DAY FRIDAY: Next Friday, January 30 is a grading day. No School for students. 

ATTENTION GARDENERS: Seeds for Spring! Once again we will participate in the Territorial Seed Fundraiser. Catalogs and special fundraiser order forms were sent home. Ridgeline will receive 45 cents per dollar ordered. This is a fabulous way to get a jump-start on your spring planting and support Ridgeline at the same time! Friends and family are welcome to order, but they MUST include a Ridgeline contact person, as seeds will be send home with students. Hurry! Orders due February 4! 

HISTORY: In history students are learning about the origin of the names of the days and months. Gods and goddesses, Roman numbers and planets all play a part. Ask your student about Janus, the Roman god with two faces! If you have books or materials that support our study please consider sharing. 

Thank you for sharing your fantastic children! Cheri and Azusa 

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