Cheri's Weekly Update 1-13-12

posted Jan 13, 2012, 9:45 AM by Cynthia Friedman
Please return your Read-a-thon Pledge envelopes (with reading logs and funds collected) this Friday, Jan. 13. As always, any late envelopes will be accepted. Thank you to everyone for your participation in our first annual Read-a-Thon! Watch for an announcement of total funds raised next week!

Good Bye and Thank you to our teacher interns:
College students, Liu Kai, from China, and Jung Feng, from Taiwan, joined our classroom last September. Since then they have been sharing their culture and language with us while experiencing ‘American Education’. We’ve learned so much and are grateful for our interns’ dedication and patience. We’ll miss them. Next Thursday afternoon, Jan. 19, we are planning a farewell celebration. Students may bring cards or letters for Liu Kai and Jung Feng. Our celebration will include Chinese dumplings (potstickers) and rice.

Sharing theme (week of Jan. 16) A recipe, song or poem
Multiple Laundry Fairies: Thank you for your overwhelming response! We now have enough families signed up to wash our classroom laundry for the rest of the year!

Message from Iris:
In connection with our Solar System studies, I’ve included an astronomy message from Iris: Right now is a really good time for planet watching! (Assuming, of course, that Eugene's evening is neither cloudy nor foggy.) Our brightest planets are both visible in the early evening. Turn toward the South and look high in the sky. Jupiter is brighter by far than any of the stars! As the evening goes on, it will slowly move West.
Turn about 45 degrees to the right. Venus will be there, but low to the horizon. I can't see it at my house; too many trees. If you have a clear view, it's easy to identify; it's even brighter than Jupiter.
An easy rough measurement of distance in the sky, is by "fist". Hold out your fists touching each other, and count how many fists are between Jupiter and Venus. Over a couple of weeks, you can probably see them shift position! Jupiter will move West a little; Venus may shift quite a bit, and probably East. Watching this, will show you why the ancient Greeks called them "planets", meaning "wanderers". The stars don't change their positions like that!

Friday, 1/13 Read-a-thon pledges due
Monday, 1/16 No School in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King, J
Friday, 1/27 No School. Grading Day
Monday, 1/30 No School. Budget Reduction Day.