Cheri's Weekly Update 1-11-18

posted Jan 11, 2018, 12:44 PM by Cynthia Friedman
Upcoming Events:
Wed/Thu, Jan. 10-11: Dickie Jo’s Fundraiser
Friday, Jan. 12: Talent Show & Grandparents Day
Monday, Jan. 15: Martin Luther King Day, NO SCHOOL
Friday, Jan. 26: Re-enrollment forms sent home
Monday, Jan. 29: Grading Day, NO SCHOOL
Friday, Feb. 9: Re-enrollment Forms due
Sat/Sun, Feb. 17-18: Asian Celebration
Sunday, Feb.18: Cheri’s Class Bhangra Dance Performance Sunday at 4:15

SHARING: 1/8/18 An Item made with wool, 1/15/18 A photo or greeting card

I AM JAZZ by Jessica Herthel & Jazz Jennings. This book tells the story, in very simple terms, of a child who is transgender. “Jazz is a child that was born with a girl’s brain in a boy’s body. This confuses her family until they go to see a doctor who told them that Jazz was transgender and that she had been born that way.”

I would like to read this book to the class. I wanted to let you know since your child may have questions or want to discuss it with you. If you have concerns or would like to peruse the book beforehand, just let me know. I have a copy of the book and there’s also one in our parent library. Feel free to email, send a note or call the office and leave a message for me: 541-681-9662.

CELEBRATIONS: January is the month we learn about/celebrate African American History and Dr. Martin Luther King. February’s celebrations include Chinese New Year, President’s Day, Valentines Day and Eugene Asian Celebration- during which our students will perform Bhangra dance!

BIRTHDAYS: Speaking of celebrations, if you would like to celebrate your student’s birthday Montessori style-with a poster and a walk-around-the-sun, let me know in advance and we’ll schedule a time that’s convenient for you to come into the classroom and share your child’s story. This special event usually takes about 30 minutes. Birthday celebrations can happen anytime during the birthday month. Of course we are always happy to sing Happy Birthday on a student’s real birthday! Questions? Send an email or a note.

ASTRONOMY & GEOLOGY: During January and February we’ll focus on galaxies, stars and our own solar system. We’ll also study about volcanoes, types of rocks, fossils and landforms. If you have books or items that support this learning please consider sharing.

BOTANY & ZOOLOGY: During January and February we’ll focus on the last two groups of vertebrates: birds and mammals. We will also study about bulbs and complete scientific observations. If you have books or items that support this learning please consider sharing.

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