Cheri's Weekly 11-16-17

posted Nov 16, 2017, 9:29 AM by Cynthia Friedman
Friday, Nov. 17: Harvest Party in the classroom, Barnes & Noble Book Fair
Tuesday, Nov. 21: Veggie Slicing for Stone Soup
Wednesday, Nov. 22: Stone Soup Celebration
Thursday/Friday, Nov. 24-25: No School. Happy Thanksgiving.
Student Marketplace: December 2
Grandparents Day: December 15 and January 12

SHARING: 11/13 –An item that weighs less than 5 pounds, 11/20 –An item made with wool

HARVEST PARTY: This Friday students will harvest the lettuce and other greens they have been growing in our garden since September. Our gardening volunteer, Kate Walser (Brigg’s mom), also plans to make a ranch dressing and wholesome pumpkin muffins to go with our delicious salad. Please send a bowl and fork with your child’s lunch on Friday.

BARNES & NOBLE BOOK FAIR – Our annual book fair at Barnes and Noble is this Friday! Please join us at the Barnes and Noble Book Fair to purchase holiday gifts, watch classroom performances, and enjoy a fun evening together. A percentage of the book fair purchases at Barnes & Noble will go to Ridgeline. This includes friends’ and family purchases at stores around the country! Just give them the book fair ID number 12212015. All purchases need to be made November 17-22. You must tell the cashier you are with our book fair and give the ID number for it to count toward the book fair. Online purchases do count, although the percentage back to Ridgeline is much less.

Book Fair Performance Schedule
· 6:00pm Diana – reciting poems “What is a Book?” and “I like Fall”
· 6:15pm Emily's Class – singing songs “Glorious” and “A Place in the Choir”
· 6:30pm Eric's Class – singing songs “Limerick Song” and “Sixpence”
· 6:45pm Cheri's Class – singing songs “Over the River” and “This Little Light”
· 7:00pm Middle School – T.R.U.E. performance
· 7:20pm Book buying break!
· 7:35pm Clint's Class – “Postcards from National Parks”
· 7:50pm Sharon's Class – “The Adventures of Superman” radio show
· 8:10pm Mary's Class – “Famous Journeys of Explorers” play

STONE SOUP CELEBRATION: It’s that time again! Every year all Ridgeline students gather together to prepare and share a meal of soup and bread. Please send vegetables for washing, peeling and/or slicing by Tuesday, Nov. 21. We need volunteers to come into the classroom on Tuesday morning (9:30-10:30) to help the children wash, peel and slice vegetables! If you can help with the vegetable preparation on Tuesday morning, please let me know! Thank you.

“MUSICAL TIME MACHINE” HULT CENTER: We learned so much about the history of music and the composers from different musical eras! The Eugene Symphony orchestra along with Bill Hulings also entertained and taught us about four elements of music: rhythm, melody, harmony and timbre. Ask your student to tell you about this special student concert!

TRICK or TREAT for UNICEF: The kids brought in $87.41! Thank you for your support.

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