Cheri's Weekly 1-22-16

posted Jan 22, 2016, 11:10 AM by Cynthia Friedman

Upcoming Events:
Friday, Jan. 22 Talent Show
Monday, Feb. 1 No School. Grading Day.
Tuesday, Feb.16 Elementary Youth Concert at the Hult Center

No school for students on Monday, February 1. Grading Day for teachers.

Sharing: , Jan. 25- An item shorter than 10 centimeters, Feb 1- A poem or recipe

STUDENTS NEED A SMALL BOX in which they can build a miniature polar habitat (a diorama). If you have extra boxes, please consider sharing.

Eugene Symphony Youth Concert: Our class will attend “ The Orchestra Sings”, a special, elementary youth concert at the Hult Center on Tuesday, February 16. Transportation will be by LTD bus. We plan to leave school at 9:25 and return by 12:30. The cost for this field trip is $5 for the concert ticket. A permission form is attached. Please complete and return the permission form by Tuesday, February 9 . Scholarships are available for this event.

CULTURAL STUDIES: We continue a study of polar habitats. Antarctica and the Arctic are very different. This week we’ll study about the polar region’s climates and animals.

SCHEDULE CHANGE: Beginning February 2, PE and Music times will change to Tuesday and Thursday. Art class will happen Wednesday afternoons. If you are available to help with Art (1:00-2:00pm), beginning in February, please let us know.

If your student will be tardy or absent for the day, please let the office know. Send an email or call 541-681-9662 to leave a message.

Cheri and Azusa

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