Cheri's Update 9-12-19

posted Sep 12, 2019, 10:54 AM by Cynthia Friedman
Upcoming Events:
Friday, Sept. 13 RCO MOVIE NIGHT 6:00-8:00 PM
Wednesday, Sept. 18: PICTURE DAY 
Friday, Sept. 13 T-SHIRT ORDERS DUE 
Friday, Sept. 27: JOGATHON
Wednesday, October 2: BIKE AND WALK TO SCHOOL DAY
Thursday, October 3: CHERI’S CLASS PICNIC 5:30-6: 30 PM

SHARING: “Sharing” offers your students an opportunity to build self-confidence and communication skills. For this reason, I suggest a weekly theme so that parents can help their students think of 3 things to teach the other students about their chosen topic. Next week’s sharing theme is “a favorite plant or flower”. It would be wonderful if your child brings a small plant that can be cared for in the classroom.

Week of 9/23: A seed from a fruit or vegetable.
A Sharing schedule and Weekly Schedule are attached. If you would like hard copies, email, phone (541-681-9662) or send a note and I’ll be sure you receive them.

SHARING: week of 9/16- A plant, seed or leaf; 9/32- A seed from a fruit or vegetable

BOTANY STUDIES: This month and next we’ll be learning about seeds. We will look at seeds that come from flowers as well as those that are inside the fruits and vegetables that we eat. If you have sunflowers in your yard, please consider sharing some with the classroom. We’ll also plant peas outside in our raised bed along with salad greens. Next month we plan to visit an apple orchard and pumpkin patch at Detering Farms. Watch for details in the next update.

BIRTH OF THE UNIVERSE- Next week students hear a story that scientists tell about the creation of our universe. This is Maria Montessori’s First Great Lesson and her version 100 years ago spoke of a God that created the Laws of the Universe. These laws allowed the Universe to exist. Nowadays the story is told using more scientific information and the Big Bang Theory but as I tell the children, “No one knows for sure. We keep learning and discovering more but no one was there to see the Birth of the Universe”. Families may have different beliefs and this is a wonderful chance to share and discuss your ideas and belief systems in general.

After the story children will create awesome art that illustrates galaxies, black holes, stars, planets and more. These paintings will hang in the hallway outside our classroom if you’d like to stop by and view them.

Cheri’s Class Family Picnic: Please join us Thursday, October 3, 5:30-6:30, for a casual get-together on the grass behind our classroom. Bring a picnic dinner and enjoy getting acquainted (or reacquainted) with our students and their families. Sign up for volunteer opportunities: laundry, field trip chaperone, classroom activities, library volunteer, gardening volunteer, water bottle pick-up and drop-off, art/PE/music volunteers, at-home preparation of sewing/weaving/artwork. Check out the classroom and the playground. Meet Xiaohan, our new teacher-intern from the U of O. Xiaohan plans to teach our kiddos Chinese language and culture in small groups. Bring your family, a blanket and a picnic dinner. We’ll gather on the hillside behind the classroom. (In case of rain, we’ll move to the classroom or the covered area by the playground)

Cheri & Azusa

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One mission, One Vision, One School, One Community: The year is just beginning and it is a great time to build great habits! Being in school, on time, every day is important. Good attendance is strongly linked to academic, social, and emotional success.

We believe that students and families that feel they are included in the school community are more likely to show up consistently

We believe that good attendance will allow your child to fully contribute to and fully benefit from the classroom community.

We believe good attendance will not only build strong academics, but also build strong socially and emotionally capable humans. Thank you for learning and growing with us!