Cheri's Update 2-21-19

posted Feb 21, 2019, 1:29 PM by Cynthia Friedman

Friday, February 22

Pasta Dinner

Sunday, March 10

Daylight Savings. Move clocks forward one hour

Tuesday, March 19

Hult Center Field Trip-The Orchestra Rocks

March 25-April 1

Spring Break- No School for students


SHARING (suggested theme)  2/25 A recipe, song or poem, 3/4 Something from another country

 Full Ridgeline Calendar:


DIORAMA BOX: Please send a small cardboard  box to school. Shoesstores sometimes have extra boxes…


How did Conferences Go?  Last year Ridgeline staff and parents provided input about conferences and report cards. The question was, “Do conferences or written report cards give parents a fuller picture of student growth?”  Site council reviewed responses on their annual survey and heard from stakeholder groups. Teachers attended a board meeting to present their thoughts. Through a thoughtful and thorough process, Ridgeline decided to have a mid-year face-to-face conference instead of a written report card. Since this is our first year trying this new approach, we need to hear back from you, our families! Please complete this very quick survey for each of the mid-year conferences you attended. All students will get a full written report card at the end of the year.


ASIAN CELEBRATION 2019!  What an amazing performance along with an awesome turnout! Thanks to everyone that attended this annual event. Special thanks to SatPavan for sharing her time and talent with Ridgeline kids! If you have photos or videos of the performance, please send them to me or post them on our Classroom Facebook page.


100 DAY CELEBRATION: On Wednesday the children enjoyed a wide variety of 100-themed activities. Ask your student to tell you about their favorite!


PASTA DINNER: Our annual Pasta Dinner is coming up Friday, February 22! The Pasta Dinner is the kick-off event for the DDD (Direct Donation Drive) which runs until spring break. The theme of this year's DDD is quilts and we will have children’s literature quilts on display during the dinner! Emily's class is making paper flowers in paper quilt covered vases and parent Jesse Cloninger has lined up a quartet to play on the stage as background music. There will not be a raffle, silent auction or student performance this year.


We hope you will join us at the Pasta Dinner! We will have the fabulous penne pasta with marinara and pesto, green salad, and bread with garlic butter. The dinner is $5 per person or $20 per family.  Please bring your own plate and utensils if possible.


HULT CENTER field trip: Thanks to music teacher, Amelia Mau, the students practice with their recorders twice weekly at school. They will play along with the Eugene symphony orchestra during our field trip on March 19 entitled, “The Orchestra Rocks.” Please encourage your student’s recorder practice at homeJ


Thanks, Cheri & Azusa