Cheri's Update 10-14-19

posted Oct 14, 2019, 10:00 AM by Cynthia Friedman   [ updated Oct 15, 2019, 1:08 PM ]

Upcoming Events:

Tuesday, Oct.22

Field Trip To Detering Orchards

Wednesday, Oct. 23

Picture Retakes

Thursday, Oct. 24

Curriculum Sharing 3:05 or 6:00pm

Thursday, Oct. 31

International Day in Cheri’s Class

Monday, Nov. 3

Daylight Savings ends. Set time back 1 hour—'fall back’

Thur/Fri, Nov. 7, 8

Family Conferences. No School.

Monday, Nov. 11

Veteran’s Day. No School

Tuesday, Nov. 12

Hult Center Field Trip “World Beats”

Friday, Nov. 15

Barnes and Noble Book Fair 6:00-8:00

Tuesday, Nov. 26

Bring veggies for Stone Soup

Wednesday, Nov. 27

All school celebration: Stone Soup

Thur-Fri, Nov. 28-29

Thanksgiving. No School.


CHERI’S CLASS FAMILY PICNIC: What a great turnout! Thank you. If you were unable to attend and would like to help out just let us know. We have something for everyone! Things to do before, during or after school… from/at home…weekly duties...and occasional jobs. Let us know your availability. It takes a village….


Sharing theme suggestion:Week 10/14-item with 3-syllable name; Week 10/21-item whose name begins with a vowel


CURRICULUM SHARING: This is a special time when your child can bring you into the classroom and show you some favorite work. We have two times available on Wednesday, October 24, to accommodate family schedules. Come anytime between 3:05-4:00 or 6:00-7:00.


DETERING ORCHARDS: On Tuesday, October 22 we’ll travel to the apple orchards and pumpkin patch at Detering Orchards. We plan to rent a 4J bus and meet Rachel’s class there! WE leave school at 9AM and return by 1:20. Be sure we have your student’s permission form… a copy is attached.


EMERALD VALLEY VISITS: Emerald Valley is the next-door care facility for older adults. Every week a group of six students from our class walks over and spends time visiting and reading with the residents. Students and adults alike look forward to spending this time together. Volunteer Katie Cave walks the group over every week. Thanks Katie If you are interested in joining the students or willing to substitute for Katie if the need arises, please let us know

DRESS UP FOR INTERNATIONAL DAY: On Thursday, Oct. 31, students in Cheri’s Class are invited to celebrate International Day by dressing in clothing and/or bringing an item from another country…possibly something that is part of your family’s heritage. This can be anything from a Mexican sombrero, an Indian sari or a French beret to something more elaborate. As well as making flags and maps, each child will have an opportunity to research and share information about their country. Afterwards we’ll snack on international foods. These snacks must be commercially prepared and packaged  (as per 4J guidelines) or prepared at school. If you can help with snack donations, student research or classroom set up, please let me know. Questions? Email or send a note:


DAYLIGHT SAVING ENDS: Remember to change the time back one hour for Monday, November 3.


FAMILY CONFERENCES Nov. 7-8: A Montessori style, student-led conference includes a

 discussion between teacher, parents and student. A conference sign up schedule

 will soon be available. Watch for more information in next week’s update.


BHANGRA DANCE: Thanks to Ridgeline parent and professional dance instructor, SatPavan Kaur Khalsa, our students enjoy Bhangra Dance class every Tuesday morning! Students interested in signing up for private group lessons, contact SatPavan at


UNICEF BOXES: Again, this year I will send home cardboard UNICEF boxes in which to collect coins for this international nonprofit group that serves children of the world. I realize some families do not participate in trick-or-treat activities. Perhaps the box could sit on the table and extra coins can be placed inside? We’ll collect the contents of the boxes in a large clear container in the classroom and practice making predictions and counting the money before sending the classroom contributions to UNICEF.


DRESS-UP DAYS: Principal, Michelle Texley, has invited students to wear pajamas on Wed. 10/30, Crazy socks on Thur. 10/31 and Rainbow colors on Fri. 11/1.


Information: I’ve attached a copy of Detering Field Trip Permission Form and Sharing List suggestions. Feel free to contact us if you have questions or concerns.


Cheri & Azusa 

For more information about Ridgeline events visit the website



Attendance message:

Thank you for being a part of Ridgeline’s community.  Here are a few ways you can help keep your child’s attendance regular.


·      Make appointments with the doctor or dentist in the late afternoon so your child misses as little school as possible.

·      Call the school as soon as you know your child will be absent and tell the school staff why your child will be out and for how long.

·      Be prepared to get a doctor’s note when requested by school personnel.

·      Schedule trips exclusively during school breaks.

·      Reach out to staff, RCO, or the class parents if you don’t feel connectedConnection matters!