Cheri's Class Weekly Update 2-23-18

posted Feb 23, 2018, 12:22 PM by Cynthia Friedman
Upcoming Events:
Friday, Feb. 23: Pasta Dinner 5:00-7:00pm
Sunday, March 11: Daylight Savings time-move clocks forward one hour
Tuesday, March 13: Hult Center Youth Concert and library visit field trip

SHARING SUGGESTION: 2/26 An item from another country, 3/5 A poem or a joke

PASTA DINNER: February 23, 5-7pm! – Mark your calendar and spread the word! Please join us for delicious food with friends and families, all supporting Ridgeline Montessori and kicking off the DDD! The platters for the silent auction are amazing and we’ve received more than 30 donations for the raffle and auction.

ASIAN CELEBRATION 2018: A wonderful time was had by all! Check out photos/videos on our class Facebook page. Our heartfelt thanks goes out to SatPavan for taking the time to teach our students and for providing the opportunity for them to perform ♥️

ASTRONOMY: Your children already know so much about the Solar System! Ask for some facts and they’ll share their knowledge with you. Soon we’ll explore Inner Earth!

Time is a fascinating topic. The students have been learning to tell time using digital as well as analog clocks. Please be sure you have one of each displayed in your home to help your child practice. Older kids have been practicing converting hours to minutes and vise-versa as well as calculating elapsed time. If you can find a way to fit these concepts into your daily lives the learning will become more real and useful. Elapsed time is the amount of time between two activities. For example: check the time before you go shopping and again when you’re finished. Figure out how long it took. You can even think like a scientist and make some predictions beforehand…have fun!

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