Rachel's Update 5-4-2020

posted May 4, 2020, 1:07 PM by Cynthia Friedman

Greetings Room 3 families and welcome to week 6 of distance learning!  This week we will be exploring feathers and over the next two weeks we will be diving into all things bird.  It’s springtime and the birds know it!  There is birdsong in the air and aerial acrobatics seem to be everywhere!  I have seen nests and a multitude of feathers out and about to explore.


Safety: On that note, when learning about animals it is important to first talk about safety.  Please read the following article about how to safely handle bird feathers and use your best judgement at home when exploring feathers with your kids.


Side Note:  As part of a Native American tribe I have permission to own eagle feathers.  I requested and have received eagle feathers from my tribe that I will show students in our zoom meetings.  I will also discuss the legality and reasons behind why most people are not allowed to keep these types of feathers.  If you have any questions please email me at rachel.quinn@ridgeline.org.


3rd graders: Before school closed we were starting a writing project that involved comparing and contrasting.  This project was to expand student writing in preparation for the state testing requirement of multi-paragraph writing.  Students completed one other project like this in the classroom, so it is not completely new.  This week we will step through this process once again.  The activities involve: learning about birds and mammals by watching two videos, taking notes, and filling in a venn diagram.  Next, students will fill in a scaffolded rough draft essay.  Then they will go through the editing process.  Last, they will write a final draft.  Students can use the Seesaw writing tools or write on paper and take a picture of their work.  This will be a week-long writing process.  Please feel free to take longer if needed.


Morning Class Meetings

Thank you for continuing to participate in our class meetings.  It is the time where we get to connect with your children, see their faces, hear their voices, and give direction to the whole class.  Please keep the video on during meetings if possible so that we can interact with and see each student.

Wednesday - This week will see a few changes.  Students love to share!  Starting this week Wednesday will be our designated “sharing” meeting.  Wednesday will start with music with Amelia followed by sharing.  It will also be a themed day!  This Wednesday is bring a stuffie or blankie to school day for our class!  Bring both if you like.  J

What about sharing on other days?  There will be plenty of opportunities for students to interact during our meetings but we ask that students plan to share on Wednesdays so that we have more time for instruction.  Another option for sharing is on our Seesaw classroom blog.  This is a centralized location for student sharing and allows students to comment and communicate with each other.  Check it out if you haven’t already!



For those of you who would like to pick up your student’s slippers, Jacob will be at school on Tuesday, May 7th, from 5 – 6 pm ready to hand them out.  Stop by, say hi to the wonderful Jacob, and reclaim your slippers if you like.  J


Work Plans

Please encourage your kids to use the work plan in Seesaw to document their daily learning activities.  This is our way of knowing what each child is working on during this time of distance learning.


As always, take care of yourself and your families.  Please do what makes sense for your family, substitute when needed, and reach out to Jacob or myself if you need any help or support.

Happy May!

Rachel and Jacob