Rachel's Update 5-18-2020

posted May 18, 2020, 12:53 PM by Cynthia Friedman

Greetings Room 3 families and welcome to week 8 of distance learning!  The butterflies are emerging and it has me thinking about metamorphosis.  Things are changing and we can feel it!  This week we are looking at the lifecycle of butterflies.  Some of you may be watching first-hand as your caterpillars morph and change.  Insect Lore is a website that sells caterpillar kits if your family is interested. 


Cultural ActivitiesLast week’s experiment seemed to work well so we will continue to assign the entire week’s cultural activities on Monday in Seesaw.  My intention is that each day your child can choose a cultural activity that they are interested in.  Montessori style!


3rd graders: Many 3rd graders are in the final stages of their compare/contrast essay.  Good job guys! If your student has not started their writing project yet or is needing some extra assistance please help them get started or reach out to Jacob or I to set up a zoom meeting.


Morning Class Meetings:

Thank you for continuing to participate in our class meetings.  These meeting are an important component of our classroom culture and connection with the students.  It is so important to see each and every one of you as often as possible.  Thank you parents for all the effort you put in to getting your child ready in the morning!

Wednesday - This week’s sharing day will also be wear a disguise day for our class!  I wonder who will show up??!  Wednesday will start with music with Amelia followed by sharing.  We are encouraging students who have completed research, writing, or the essay project to participate in Author’s Chair on Wednesday. Read below for other sharing options.

What about sharing on other days?  There will be plenty of opportunities for students to interact during our meetings but we ask that students plan to share on Wednesdays so that we have more time for instruction.  Another option for sharing is on our Seesaw classroom blog.  This is a centralized location for student sharing and allows students to comment and communicate with each other.  Check it out if you haven’t already!


Social Zoom:

Many of you have asked for an opportunity for students to socialize and connect via zoom.  This week we will have two opportunities for students to share lunch together in zoom!  Yay!  Log on, eat lunch, and say hi to your friends!


Work Plans

Please encourage your kids to use the work plan in Seesaw to document their daily learning activities.  This is our way of knowing what each child is working on during this time of distance learning.


As always, take care of yourself and your families.  Please do what makes sense for your family, substitute when needed, and reach out to Jacob or myself if you need any help or support.


Rachel and Jacob