Rachel's Update 4-27-2020

posted Apr 27, 2020, 1:02 PM by Cynthia Friedman

Welcome to Week Five of home learning.  April 27-May 1       (No Zoom Meetings on Fridays)


Hello Room 3 families! To begin with we’d like to pass along information shared at our staff meeting last Friday. Some students and families have expressed concern that they may be ‘held back’ and not allowed to progress to the next grade. Ridgeline Administration reassured us that students will advance (move-up) to the next grade at the end of this school year. If skills from the current grade level are lacking, that material will be covered by next year’s teacher.


Thank you for all that you’re doing to help your children choose and complete home learning activities. We have completed week 1 of fully integrated Seesaw learning.  Congratulations to all the parents and students who are making the best of this time!  Although I would like students to complete math, language arts, and cultural activities each day, please feel free to modify and/or substitute other activities that better work for your individual family.  Some parents have asked to do math practice and/or reading practice without the use of an electronic device.  I understand that with school moving online your children are having an increase in screen time.  If you prefer, it is ok for your child to find other ways to practice math facts and reading.  At the end of each day have your child document their learning activities on their work plan in Seesaw.  Please email me at rachel.quinn@ridgeline.org if you have any questions.


🏃🏻🏃️We  suggest students take a break for physical activity after 20 minutes of focused, quiet work. 🏃🏃🏻


Outdoor activities done with family are the best! We encourage parents/students to use their imagination/creativity to integrate Language Arts, Math and Cultural (science/social science /arts) learning while enjoying time together.


“The Great Slipper Confusion” of 2020 – As many of you know, last week Jacob helped pass out our classroom student belongings to families at Ridgeline.  One item that we were unable to return was your child’s slippers.  Unfortunately, I did not have a system in place that labeled the slippers.  We didn’t know who they belonged to!  Well, I have learned my lesson and will do things differently next year.  However, we still have a slipper shelf full of slippers.  If you would like to get your child’s slippers back before next school year, please email Jacob or I.  We will do our best to reunite you with your slippers.  If not, we will get them back to you in the new year.


Zoom Meetings – It’s so wonderful to see the children each morning in our classroom zoom meetings!  Some eating their breakfast.  Some wrapped up in a blanket.  Others cuddling their dog or cat.  We love it!  Thank you for making it happen.  I know it can be hard to get going in the morning!  Starting this week, we will no longer have Friday zoom meetings.  We will continue to meet on Monday – Thursday at 9:30 am.


Seesaw – Most of you seem to be getting the hang of our new online school platform.  However, some families have encountered issues with the software and functionality.  If you are experiencing problems with Seesaw, please email Jacob or I so that we can help support you.


Rachel: rachel.quinn@ridgeline.org

Jacob: jacob.searl@ridgeline.org


Rachel and Jacob