Rachel's Update 1-20-2020

posted Jan 21, 2020, 10:03 AM by Cynthia Friedman
Hello Room 3 families.  Welcome to the new year!  I hope you all had a wonderful winter break.  In class we began studying the timeline of life and volcanoes.  Students are exploring how life began on Earth and developed over time.  Volcanoes and the rock cycle are very exciting topics!  Some students are completing research on volcanic eruptions and others are exploring igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic rocks and how they were created.

On Friday we discussed what it means to be a peacekeeper.  Students shared different qualities as it pertained to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and listened to a section of his famous speech.  In class we are working on how to be patient and tolerant of others.  Treating each other as we would like to be treated is something that children of this age can understand and are highly sensitive to any perceived unfairness.  One skill we are working on as a class is how to look away when someone does something that annoys them.  Seems simple, right?  We all know how challenging that can be!  I hope your children are starting conversations at home with you about peace and kindness.  Ask them about it!

On a different note, this week EasyCBM testing begins.  Students will have a chance to show their math, reading, and phonics skills through several tests, both electronic and in person.

Exciting News

Jacob Searl is officially our new Room 3 Assistant!  As a long-term sub for our classroom he has already put in the time to get to know students and to learn how our classroom flows.  Jacob himself was a student at Ridgeline Montessori and brings with him a deep love of the school and our Montessori way of teaching.  Please help us in welcoming Jacob to our classroom!

Upcoming Events

Talent Show:  Friday 1-24 at 6-8 PM

Volunteer Opportunities

Room 3 is in need of a family who can take home the classroom cups on Fridays, wash them, and return them on Monday.

I have a large laminating and cutting project.  Anyone interested in laminating and cutting please contact me at: rachel.quinn@ridgeline.org

Special Thanks

A big thank you to Sean and Andrea (Tomas) for building two planter boxes for our classroom.  They are beautiful!

Thank you to Hannah (Orion) for starting our new year off with some exciting art projects.  We appreciate it!

Thank you for all the other assistance we receive.  Help with classroom laundry, water filling, and reading with students makes such a big difference.  We are grateful for all of your time and assistance.

Rachel Quinn
Lower Elementary Teacher
Ridgeline Public Charter Montessori