Eric's Weekly Update 9-27-12

posted Oct 1, 2012, 10:53 AM by Cynthia Friedman
This week… We have learned a lot in the past week. From a perfect field trip to the Science Factory, to a great in-class visit from Rick Kang, to the Clock of Era’s, we have had a scientific feast! My hope is that some sparks of excitement will catch the tinder we have provided and the students will dive into all the possibilities. There are so many interesting things happening in the field of astronomy right now. Almost daily there are new findings about new earth-like planets, space travel, and other stellar delights. A great time to be alive!
Next week and beyond… Starting on Monday we will begin the Third Great Lesson. This is the story of the Coming of Humans. Why do I capitalize all this stuff? Good question. Since these are classic Montessori lessons and are probably universal in all proper schools using her method, it is deference to the importance Maria herself placed on these lessons. Lessons she felt EVERY child should be aware of and understand. Along with the Coming of Humans, comes the notation of time (or noting the passage of time) and the Fundamental Needs of Humans. We will also discuss explorer Christopher Columbus. We know he didn’t ‘discover’ America but he was still influential. Besides, it gives us a chance to talk about latitude and longitude to supplement what we already know about the north and south hemispheres. 

Adriene and I would like to thank all those who helped chaperone and watch over the students during our trip to the Science Factory, as well as those donating something extra. Thanks go out to chaperones Karen Cross, Jen Allee, and Renae Myers. Without their help we would not have been able to go and return while still remaining sane. I would also like to thank Khrystal Berry and friends for the wonderful paint job she did in the room before school started, adding a needed splash of color. Robert Page helped lay many, many feet of cement for a sidewalk behind the classrooms. Carolyn Jenkins and family have cleaned and provided a fantastic fish tank for the students to enjoy. Much better than the one we had last year. Thank you for helping to make a pleasant environment for us allJ 

Eric and Adriene