Eric's Weekly Update 9-26-13

posted Sep 27, 2013, 11:01 AM by Cynthia Friedman
Wednesday, 10/2 ALL SCHOOL MEETING 6:30-7:30
Thursday, 10/3 Eric’s Parent Meeting (I planned mine first…)
We are now using online ordering for scholastic books. You do not need to send me checks, order forms, or anything else. Just go to : and order ANY book from any grade level. This is a huge bonus because you are no longer limited by the types and/or level of books. You can search for me by using the easy to use directions or use this code: FFTH3 to save some small effort. Place your order before the end of the month and the class will get points for free books! Shipping is free and will come to the school, where it will be distributed to the students. Thank you and happy shopping:)

*This week…*
We have learned a lot in the past week. We had 4 hours of private astronomy lessons from Rick Kang. The weather was giving us fits
during the last hour, as we were outside in the rain. Rick will try to come again later so we can look at sunspots with his special telescope filter. We also learned about the way stars are formed and even how scientists think the earth was formed. Fascinating stuff!
By this reading we will have covered the 2nd Great Lesson, which is the coming of life.
 *Next week and beyond…*
Starting next week we will begin the Third Great Lesson. This is the story of the Coming of Humans. Why do I capitalize all this stuff? Since these are classic Montessori lessons and are probably universal in all proper schools using her method, it is deference to the importance Maria herself placed on these lessons; lessons she felt EVERY child should be aware of and understand. Along with the Coming of Humans, comes the notation of time (or noting the passage of time) and the Fundamental Needs of Humans. We
will also discuss explorer Christopher Columbus. We know he didn’t ‘discover’ America but he was still influential. Besides, it gives us a
chance to talk about latitude and longitude to supplement what we already know about the north and south hemispheres.
Don’t forget the parent meeting on the 3rd of October. In this meeting I will go over my plans for the year and some of the curriculum areas that we will access. Returning parents are certainly welcome, but I hope new parents will make a special effort to come. 

 ALL SCHOOL Meeting!
Ridgeline’s Board of Directors is hosting an All School Meeting on Wednesday, October 2 from 6:30 to 7:30 in the gym. We hope that every family will attend! 

The meeting offers the opportunity to kick off a new school year, plus a chance to learn more about Montessori education and how you can support your child's education. We'll also provide a short briefing on the purchase of our "forever home" here at 4500 West Amazon, detailing how the important work of the Capital Campaign will build on our success for many years to come.

Call Ridgeline's office to reserve childcare, if you need it, because space is limited. We'll have a potluck cookie bar, so please bring your favorites to share. Ridgeline's new T-shirts will be on sale, too!

Eric and Emily