Eric's Weekly Update 9-14-12

posted Sep 14, 2012, 11:40 AM by Cynthia Friedman
This week…
By this reading we will have had a lot of discussions about the universe. Naturally, this is a big topic and we can only really scratch the surface, but we ARE scratching with vigor! We have been concentrating on the Milky Way and there is so much to discover that we could spend the rest of the year on this one topic and never get to the end of it.
We are also getting more and more into a steady work routine, with almost all academic areas represented. A few materials are on the way, so as soon as they arrive we should be hopping!
Next week and beyond…
Next week we will be learning about the basics of our own solar system, sizes and distances, the asteroid belt (mostly between Mars and Jupiter), and then a visit from Neil deGrasse Tyson (astrophysicist) by way of a Nova production called “Origins”. I will show bits and pieces of that to supplement lessons. Before the week is out we will begin the second Great Lesson called The Story of the Coming of Life (or the Coming of the Earth, in some circles). With this lesson we begin our discussion of geography along with oceans, the hemispheres, and land-water features, etc. We will also be doing some artwork relating to the solar system and landforms. 

Our Science Factory visit will be on the 27th. I have arranged a visit to the main exhibit hall for an hour before going into the planetarium to see “Astronaut.” After that we will eat the lunches we brought and then go back into the planetarium to see “Solar System.” We should be done just before 1pm and then hop back on the LTD bus for the return trip home. This will be a long day away from school. There is a $7.00 entrance fee per student and permission slips will be coming home very soon. Contact the office for assistance, if this creates a financial hardship. I would like to have 3 chaperones accompany us. More than that and LTD gets uncomfortable, as we usually have to stand as it is anyway. Chaperones must have a cleared background check (contact the office if you are unsure) in order to come with us. They have a form they will ask you to fill out. If more than three parents want to attend, I may ask you to meet us at the Science Factory to comply with requests from LTD. Please know that all are welcome. 

Eric and Adriene