Eric's Weekly Update 9-13-13

posted Sep 16, 2013, 10:17 AM by Cynthia Friedman


This is a paper version of my weekly classroom letter.  This is the same letter I will email to families tonight.  If you do not receive the electronic version, it means I do not have your email address and kindly ask that you provide it to me so you are able to receive future classroom updates.  We are trying to have as little paper going home as possible, and I appreciate your help in this matter.


Tuesday, 18th        Picture Day

Mon,Tues  23,24    Rick Kang from Pine Mtn. Observatory visits classroom

Oct 3rd                   Parent meeting


This week and beyond…

The first week of school is over!  I must say that this week has been rather difficult on the kids due to the unfortunate high heat.  It has sapped the energy and patience of our little band. Despite this the students are settling in and we are building our new classroom community.  We are learning names, rules of the classroom and school, and playing some fun games.  Remember to supply your student with a washable placemat and some comfortable and durable inside shoes or slippers (closed toe) ASAP if you have not already done so.


Starting on the 13th, we begin our journey into the universe with the First Great Lesson.  This is a classic presentation, and one of five “Great Lessons.”  The Creation Of The Universe is the scientists’ story of how the universe came to be.  Prior to this lesson I share creation stories from many cultures around the world, and encourage the students to talk with you about what your family beliefs regarding the universe.  The scientists’ story gets the most sustained attention because I use it to jump off into almost every other area of the curriculum. 


Next week

As part of the Great Lesson for next week, we will be learning about the scientific method, the birth of the elements and attraction, stellar nucleosynthesis, and building the elements with the Niels Bohr method (for which he received the Nobel Prize in 1922).  That’s just the second week of school!  The following week will be just as funJ


Finally, we have a field trip planned near the end of September.  I will let you know the date when it is nailed down. This will support the learning taking place in the classroom, and it’s just plain fun!


Eric and Emily


PS It’s volunteer scheduling timeJ  If you would like to volunteer to read with students

(M-Th) or help with our writers on Friday, drop me a line and I’ll get you on the schedule. 

Thank you!