Eric's Weekly Update 8-26-11

posted Aug 29, 2011, 2:42 PM by Cynthia Friedman
Dear parents,
Welcome back to school. I am excited for the upcoming school year and think it will be an enriching one for your student. We have wonderful things plannedJ

There are a few things to remind you about:

Please remember that our classroom is carpeted and that we do a lot of work on the floor. We appreciate having a floor as clean as possible, so PLEASE make sure your child has a pair of indoor shoes or slippers to change into starting with the first day of school. I prefer they be a close- toed design with a durable bottom in case we have an emergency drill and need to rush outside. Visiting parents, please make sure your shoes are clean before entering the room. This is very much appreciated by the entire class.

We do not have a drinking fountain in the classroom this year, so please provide a small and easy to wash drinking cup. Sipper-type cups are hard to keep clean, so I recommend an open cup. Plastic is more durable and wont shatter.

Each student should come to school on the first day with a cloth placemat. This will help keep lunch items from getting the tables too dirty. The less mess there is, the less your child has to clean. That makes for a happy transition at the end of lunchtime. It also looks nice and is something personal that students seem to like. These will be washed weekly.

School starts at 8:40 this year, and returning parents know that a student is considered tardy if they arrive after that time. By ‘arrive’ I mean step into the classroom. Traffic will be a bear for a while so please plan accordingly. The first few days we will start a little late so that students can get used to the routine and because Adriene and I will likely be chatting with a parent or two. By the second week we will start promptly at 8:40 and the door will then be closed. Late students know this means they need to go to the office for a tardy slip. Students arriving late can disrupt the morning routine and miss opportunities in the morning circle, so I encourage you to do your best to get your child to the classroom on time.

Feel free to linger for a short while on the first day of school. It makes the kids feel safe and usually less shy. After the first day or two I will respectfully withdraw that offer for the benefit of the students. It is their classroom and I will be working hard to help them realize that. Sometimes adults (myself included) can interfere with that process. Later there comes a time where parents and volunteers are welcomed into the room with open arms. If you have questions or need me to know something about your student, please feel free to contact me at school or by email ( See you soon!


Eric Bear and Adriene Phillips