Eric's Weekly Update 4-26-13

posted Apr 26, 2013, 1:17 PM by Cynthia Friedman
Saturday, 4/27 Design Bridge Work Party 10am-5pm
Sunday, 4/28 Ridgeline’s Marathon Cheer Station starting at 7am
Wednesday, 5/1 Budget Committee Meeting 3:30pm
Wednesday, 5/1 Bike & Walk to School Month begins
Thursday, 5/8 Staff Appreciation Baked Goods Day
Thursday, 5/9 Board Meeting 6:30pm
Friday, 5/10 Staff Appreication Lunch
Sunday, 5/12 Mother's Day
Tuesday, 5/14 Kinder Class Music Program 6:30pm
Thursday, 5/16 Site Council Meeting 6:15-7:45pm

This week…
I would like to thank all those who came in for parent conferences. It was very nice to meet with all of you. Also a great big thank you goes out to our classroom volunteers who provide so much help and friendship. I hope you were able to enjoy some treats on Wednesday.

The initial round of state assessments for the 3rd years is over. We will consider any re-take needs mid-May.

This past week we have been wrapping up our work with the Aztecs and doing some art work related to those studies. It’s been hard to steer around the prolific use of human sacrifice in South American civilizations, and the Aztecs may have been the most difficult to finesse.

Alas, even trying to explain the purpose behind the rituals is difficult, because it requires talking about it. Remind me to thank Acamapichtli.

We are moving on to the Inca shortly, which will be our last S.A. civilization to study this year.

Next week and beyond…
As mentioned above, in the coming days we will shift our attention to the Inca Empire as we continue our studies in South America. Some students want to do voluntary presentations on topics of interest, and I think that’s great. There will be no more group assignments this year, so presentations from here on out will be voluntary. I am also planning on some more biome work, and hope to cover deserts to tundra before the school year is over.  

Eric and Adrienne