Eric's Weekly Update 4-24-17

posted Apr 24, 2017, 2:42 PM by Cynthia Friedman
Mon. 4/24-Fri. 4/28 Volunteer Appreciation Week
Mon-Wed, 4/24-26 Presentations of Asia
Tuesday, 4/25 Project Fair 3:15-4:15pm & 6-7pm
Thursday, 4/27 Volunteer Appreciation Tea 2:30-3:13pm in room 6
Friday, 4/28 2017-18 Supply Fees Due ($75 per student)
Monday, 5/1 Site Council Meeting 6-7:30pm
Tuesday, 5/2 Budget Committee Meeting 3:30pm
May Bike & Walk to School Month
Friday, 5/5 Character Chats 12-1pm
Saturday, 5/6 Outdoor Work Party
Tuesday 5/9 RCO Meeting 6-7:30pm
Wednesday, 5/10 Bike & Walk to School Day

This week…
We covered a little bit of this and a little bit of that this week. I attempted to do some more work on Earth’s Era’s and the Permian mass extinction in particular, but technology failed us. No worries, we marched on. Our discussion on the Passover and Easter was good, I think. We went through the whole story of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. We learned about Joseph in Egypt and how the Hebrews happened to be there. Then we discussed in general the plagues and the ultimate release of the Hebrews and the resulting Passover. We saw some parallels in the celebration of both Easter and Passover, both of which are rich in symbolism. We topped it off by making some clay lamps in the Hebrew style of the time.

The Philosophy Friday question: Last week: If there were no more tomorrows, how would you spend today?

Today: If you could watch your life up to this point as a movie, would you like it? The follow-up question was if it were possible to switch a life with someone else, would you do it?

Next week and beyond…

I have a date confirmed with the folks at Taste of India for our lunch field trip on Thursday, May 11th. We will need to drive to this location and the drivers will also need to be the chaperones. We have many lively students in our class and we MUST be appropriate and courteous during mealtime. This may require a very direct approach with clear expectations. In short, if you feel you can redirect a student (like you might your own child) in a restaurant setting, then you are up for the job. I think we can take 8 or so chaperones.

Here are some details. We will arrive at 11 am and begin a buffet-style lunch. We will likely be finishing up before the hour is over and should be back by 12:00. Cars will probably be much heavier on the ride back if memory serves.

There is a fee associated with this trip. The meal will cost - students $7.00 and adults $11.00. We will need to work in a gratuity for the hard work the staff will put in to helping us have a nice experience. Final prices will be on the permission slip. This was a great experience the last time we visited.

Finally, the Annual Project Fair is on the 25th of this month (Tuesday). I am hoping that the latest round of presentations will be done and ready to display in the classroom by that date so visitors have something nice to see.

This means any extra details and effort put into the posters, dioramas, etc. will be much appreciated. Below is the new presentation list in case your student has misplaced their sheet.

Bhutan- Audrey
Myanmar- Anna
Laos- Pan
Thailand- Keanan, Piper
Cambodia- Cassidy

Vietnam- Kinsley

Malaysia- Chloe

Singapore- Zach, Julian

Indonesia- Mylah

Gobi Desert- Lily

China- Aurora, Awen

Mongolia- Coren

Russia- Ezra

North Korea- Aubree

South Korea- Grant

Japan- Liam, Kenzo

Taiwan- Harlow

Philippines- Gabriel

Tokyo- Sachi, Rhia

Moscow- Erin

Forbidden City- Sylvia

China Sea- Temple Tonga- Huxley