Eric's Weekly Update 4-14-17

posted Apr 14, 2017, 9:51 AM by Cynthia Friedman
Thursday, 4/13 Board Meeting 6:30-8:30pm
Friday, 4/14 Parent Survey Due
Friday, 4/14 Lottery Acceptance Deadline
Friday, 4/14 Lower-el Parent Input Forms Due
Monday, 4/17 Track Town Pizza Fundraiser
Wednesday, 4/19 All School Panoramic Photo 11am
Friday, 4/21 Upper-el Parent Input Forms Due
Mon. 4/24-Fri. 4/28 Volunteer Appreciation Week
Mon. 4/25-25 SE Asia presentations
Tuesday, 4/25 Project Fair 3:15-4:15pm & 6-7pm

This week…
We have been in mourning over the loss of a wonderful upper el student who passed away during Spring Break. We will miss Elijah Taylor, who was a wonderful and caring person. We have appreciated your outpouring of support and have received strength from your compassion. Ridgeline administrators and counselors, 4J district counselors and therapy dogs, and parents and students have all come together to help each other during this trying and emotional time.

Over the past few weeks we have been looking closely at Asia, and we enjoyed the great presentations given by the students. We played some Asia Bingo, discovered the many types and uses of seaweed, and used clay to create some pieces of art. This was done as an extension to the book A Single Shard, which is about a potter in Korea during the 12th century. We may not be master potters, but we know how to have fun with clay!

This week we also took a look back at the 1st and 2nd Great Lessons as we reviewed the many processes scientists believe made our world habitable and life-friendly.

The Philosophy Friday question: Is it ok to lie? Students talked about times it might be ok and times when it is always wrong. Remember, we are not trying to answer any of the Philosophy Friday questions for all humankind. We are just trying to get our minds to look critically at questions that aren’t always as easy to answer as they seem.

What do you think? Is it always wrong to lie? Is it ever ok to lie? Is omitting a piece of truth a lie?

Next week and beyond…
We may do some history lessons around Passover and Easter in the coming week. This is a great time to review Fundamental Human Needs, especially as they relate to spiritual needs.

I’m waiting to hear back from the Jordan Schnitzer Museum. Once they can confirm my preferred dates I can prepare the details of our trip. This is taking longer than I anticipated. Thank you for your patience.

I’m also hoping to take a field trip to Taste of India. When we think of food from Asia, we don’t always think of food from India. That’s a shame because the food of India is absolutely delicious! I have done this trip before and it’s a big hit. We rush in and then waddle out.

This trip will require parent drivers who also help students mind their manners and behave well in a public space. A trip like this means high energy can be expected from the students. I mention this as fair warning to all would-be chaparones:)

Finally, the Annual Project Fair is on the 25th of this month. I am hoping that the latest round of presentations will be done and ready to display in the classroom by that date so visitors have something nice to see.

This means any extra details and effort put into the posters, dioramas, etc. will be much appreciated. Below is the new presentation list in case your student has misplaced their sheet.

Bhutan- Audrey
Myanmar- Anna
Laos- Pan
Thailand- Keanan, Piper
Cambodia- Cassidy
Vietnam- Kinsley
Malaysia- Chloe
Singapore- Zach, Julian
Indonesia- Mylah
Gobi Desert- Lily
China- Aurora, Awen
Mongolia- Coren
Russia- Ezra
North Korea- Aubree
South Korea- Grant
Japan- Liam, Kenzo
Taiwan- Harlow
Philippines- Gabriel
Tokyo- Sachi, Rhia
Moscow- Erin
Forbidden City- Sylvia
China Sea- Temple
Tonga- Huxley