Eric's Weekly Update 4-10-15

posted Apr 14, 2015, 2:14 PM by Cynthia Friedman
Mon.-Fri., 4/13-4/17 Volunteer Appreciation Week
Mon.-Fri. 4/13-4/20 Nextstep Bins At Ridgeline For Recycling Competition
Tuesday, 4/14 Volunteer Appreciation Tea 8:25-9:15am 
Friday, 4/17 Parent Input Forms Due
Saturday, 4/18 Parent’s Time Out 2-5pm
Wednesday, 4/22 Smarter Balanced Testing Starts for 3rd grade
Saturday, 4/25 Outdoor Work Party  
Thursday, 4/30 Project Fair 3:15-4:15pm & 6-7pm 

This week…
I was sick a few days this week and as a result we put off a couple of activities. Emily made sure that students were able to pick a new area of study for the next round of presentations, so the kids are set for a while. Those projects will be presented on the 27th through 29th of this month. Seeing as the Project Fair is on the 30th, I figure the kids can bring in their favorite presentation thus far and display it for all to see.

We had a surprisingly fun time playing a few rounds of a math game. Ask your student about it and see if they want to play the game with YOU.

Finally, we practiced our version of Aboriginal art in preparation for applying those skills to a wood blank. The wood blank, once decorated, will be made into a bullroarer. 

Next week and beyond…
Next week we will be working on the bullroarers, learning about some of the remarkable and tenacious explorers of Australia, and discovering how solar energy works (part of our electromagnetic spectrum studies).

The Safari trip is planned for May 18th. This will be an all day affair and we will likely return after school has been dismissed. Jen tells me we have room for 5-9 adult drivers depending on vehicle needs. I have three confirmed drivers so far, so if you are interested in going on this fun trip, please send a note. I am hoping to schedule Zany Zoo to come in around this time as well to allow us to see Australian animals up close and personal. 

Eric and Emily