Eric's Weekly Update 3-31-16

posted Mar 31, 2016, 12:55 PM by Cynthia Friedman
April 9 - Grounds Keeping Work Party –

Come help us keep Ridgeline beautiful! A volunteer grounds keeping work party will be heldSunday, April 9, 1-3pm. We will be mowing, edging, weeding, pruning, seeding, raking and generally having fun; kids welcome too. Bring gardening tools if you've got 'em, plus gloves and rugged clothing. Meet at the outdoor classroom. All Family members may log volunteer hours.

Friday, April 1 No School/Professional Development

This week…
Over the past several weeks we have learned about layers of the ocean, and layers of the rainforest. We also talked about the three basic types of rocks as an extension of our discussion on subduction zones (like the big one off the Pacific Coast from Canada to California!). With the end of March comes our farewell to the Native American tribes we have learned so much about. We are now planting our feet firmly in South America and we will be there for the rest of the school year. We started off learning about the Olmec and their giant 20-ton stone heads that have been found in an area devoid of large boulders. So how did they move (and carve) such large boulders with no metal tools or even wheels for transportation?

That is the big question that is currently unanswerable. As a class we were fascinated by the idea of moving these massive 20-ton boulders 40 miles to there current location without wheels on relatively soft soil. Lastly, we looked at the Amazon River basin and will present on the fish and water critters that live there next week. I mean, they live there NOW but we will talk about them next week…

Next week and beyond…

Please remember that next week we have our first presentations on South America. I am hoping to use these presentations to dress up our classroom for the Project Fair that is coming up April 26 (3:15-4:15pm and 6-7pm). This is a chance for students to show off science or other projects they have been working on. In my class we tend to show off the presentations we have worked on and offer that information to those who wander through the classroom. We will be making the classroom look like a forest/jungle soon so all those presentations will fit with the theme.

Next week we will look at the ancient Mayan civilization, as well as more work related to the atmosphere and plants as part of our botany and functional geography respectively.

Eric and Emily