Eric's Weekly Update 2-2-18

posted Feb 2, 2018, 2:32 PM by Cynthia Friedman
Tuesday, 2/6 RCO Meeting – “Growth Mindset” by Sharon Martin 6-7:30pm
Friday, 2/9 Fundraising Committee Meeting 8:30am-9:30am
Friday, 2/9 Re-enrollment deadline
Saturday, 2/10 Pre-lottery Information Session 10am
Monday, 2/10 Sibling Lottery Application Available
Monday, 2/12 Site Council Traffic Work Session 6-7:30pm
Thursday, 2/15 Board Meeting 6:30-8:30pm
Monday, 2/19 NO SCHOOL – Presidents’ Day
Thursday, 22 Eric’s class to OMSI

This week…

We were really attracted to this week’s lesson on magnetism. We will continue to look at how the magnetic shield on our earth and that on Mars are different. Some scientists believe that the smaller mass of Mars caused the core to cool faster and then the magnetic shield failed. The result is that the solar winds stripped away the atmosphere and oceans. Our core is going strong but some scientists think our core is changing too.

As promised we saw the Archimedes screw in operation. It’s amazing how many places it can be found once you look for it. As part of our science exploration, we made some polymer worms using an activation agent that turns a liquid into a squiggly, slimy, solid.

Here’s where you can learn more or buy your own kit to make lots and lots of worms!

Finally, over the course of three days, we played Jeopardy, Eric style. I asked questions from the first half of the year to see how much information students retained and to refresh their memories. As a whole, I was very happy with how much the students were able to recall.

Next week and beyond…

You may have heard that we are making some shields inspired by African Zulu warrior shields. We have looked at designs and the materials used to decorate them. Next week we will begin to paint our very own. These will be based on classic forms, and we will use traditional colors or as close as we can get.

If we have time we will make some mini pyramids that can be put together to form a very large one. Beginning with one the size of a paper plate, we will eventually find that they rise above our heads. It will be a group effort, just like the real thing in Egypt!

You should have received an orange permission slip about our OMSI field trip to sign. I know the form is long but please read the entire form. It has important information on it and I don’t want to have anyone miss out on the trip due to a technicality.

Eric and Emily

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