Eric's Weekly Update 2-11-17

posted Feb 13, 2017, 9:03 AM by Cynthia Friedman

Friday, 2/10                      Re-enrollment Forms Due

Monday 2/20                  No School---Presidents Day

Tuesday, 2/21                   Pre-lottery Information Session 6:30pm

Saturday, 2/25                   LuLa Roe Fundraiser for the Capital Campaign 1-4pm

Monday, 2/27                    Site Council 6-7:30pm

Friday, 3/3                         Character Chats 12-1pm

Friday, 3/3                   Pasta Dinner 5-7pm

Tuesday, 3/7                     RCO Meeting 6-7:30pm

Wednesday, 3/8                Lottery Application Deadline 4pm

Saturday, 3/11                   OBOB Regionals at Willamette High School grades 6-8

Sunday, 3/12                     Daylight Savings Begins

Thursday, 3/16                  Board Meeting 6:30-8:30pm

Friday, 3/17                       Lottery 10am

Valentine’s Day will be celebrated on the 14th in the classroom.  Homemade or store bought cards are welcome, as well as a treat IF you are so inclined.  All participation is voluntary. If you plan on bringing Valentines, please bring one for every student. Also, please do not put names on them so that they can be passed out faster. Treats may be eaten at home with you.  You are most welcome:)

This week…

I would like to thank all those who helped make Chinese New Year a success in the classroom.  We had several parents working hard at the dumpling station, calligraphy table, and lantern-making table.  This helped so much and the students had a wonderful experience making their crafts.  I am also grateful for the haul of snacks and treats that were provided.  This added to the experience and made the Year of the Rooster a memorable event.

Our Grandparent’s Day went off without a hitch as well.  I learned many things about life in the ‘old days’ and I saw the students getting a glimpse of life in the not so distant past.

As you know, we have chosen new research assignments based on countries in Asia.  We are starting in Western Asia (Middle East) and will move toward the east as we progress through the rest of the year.  Many of these countries have or are experiencing unrest to varying degrees.  It may be prudent to steer them a bit as they are researching. I have included the country list at the bottom of this email.  Presentations for this round are due on the 27th of February.

The Philosophy Friday question we asked last Friday (with our grandparent visitors present was: If you had a friend who spoke to you the way you speak to yourself, how long would you allow them to be your friend?  Tough one, eh?  Negative self-talk is hard on the soul.

This week we asked: Is everything connected?


Next week and beyond…

Next week we will take a look at those warm and fuzzy Mongols.  They were known to be on the Neighborhood Welcoming Committee in days of yore.  We will also learn about linear and volume measurement and maybe temperature and density.  Finally, we will look at some of the inventions that had roots in Asian technology and thinking.

Eric and Emily



Western Asia and Middle East




Harlow, Maeve




Mylah, Aubree




Audrey, Julian




Kenzo, Sylvia


Cassidy, Chloe


Piper, Awen






Temple, Gabriel

Saudi Arabia

Zach, Erin


Keanan, Huxley


Pan, Anna

United Arab Emirates

Coren, Grant







Asian Countries Research


Use some or all of the ideas below to help you find out interesting things about your country.   2nd and 3rd graders are expected to prepare a poster or other medium to make the presentation interesting.  You may use pictures, drawings, flags, and text, etc. to share information on your poster.  Write and glue neatly.  You are trying to impress your audience! Please practice what you are going to say many times before the day you are scheduled to present.  It is a good idea to have the information you will be saying out loud glued to the back of your poster so that you can use it during the presentation without having to look at the front of the poster. This makes it makes it easier for the audience to hear what you are saying.  1st graders can be expected to answer more of the questions (4+) now that they are gaining more experience.


o   Oceans, waterways, lakes, and rivers

o   Major landforms (mountain ranges, deserts, peninsulas, etc.)

o   Animals

o   Plants

o   History of the country (perhaps past vs present)

o   Type of government

o   Population

o   Weather

o   Foods

o   Entertainment

o   Languages

o   Biggest industries (mining, agriculture, textiles, etc)

o   Countries that border yours

o   Flag and its meaning

o   Music

o   Major religions and holidays