Eric's Weekly Update 12-12-14

posted Dec 12, 2014, 11:23 AM by Cynthia Friedman
Friday, 12/12 OBOB Meeting 1:20–2:30 pm
Sat, 12/13 & Sun., 12/14 Tree Sales 10 am–4 pm
Mon–Fri., 12/15–12/19 Joy of Sharing
Mon., 12/22–Mon.,1/5 Winter Break
Monday, 1/5 NO SCHOOL – planning day
Tuesday, 1/6 Classes Resume
Tuesday, 1/6 RCO—Jon presents Middle School Program 2015-2016 

Want to Know More About Ridgeline’s Middle School Program? Parents, especially those of you with 5th and 6th graders, are encouraged to attend RCO on Tuesday, January 6th, when Jon Labrousse will be wowing us with middle school’s plans for 2015-2016. Don’t miss this chance to hear all about our wondrous middle school program! RCO meetings start at 6 and run until 7:30. Childcare is available.  

This week…
This week the students picked the animals for their next presentation. As I mentioned last time, we are focusing mostly on African reptiles and there is no shortage of them. The kids did such a great job during the first round of presentations that I can’t wait to see what round two will be like. As promised, we did some painting to get colored paper for our savannah dioramas that we’ll create next week. I’m still working on how to help 29 kiddos cut out the animals the dioramas will require. Speaking of animals of the savannah, we saw a movie on the difficulties of African life (and death) on the dry, hot plains. It’s tough out there folks. With some luck, we will have covered stems in our botany studies before discovering stem adaptations, and observe how inertia works. If they don’t get done this week it will be first on the list next week. 

Next week and beyond…
In the week before winter break I would like to tell you I have a lot planned (and I do), but the reality is I will be dealing with a lot of crazy energy and what I have planned will not really matter. I would like to finish the savannah dioramas, discuss winter festivities (Kwanza, Hanukah, Christmas) and talk about resistance to change as part of our physics lesson. The movie ‘8 Seconds’ comes to mind…Yeeeeehaaaaaw!

Eric and Emily