Eric's Weekly Update 11-15-13

posted Nov 15, 2013, 11:02 AM by Cynthia Friedman
Friday, 11/15 OBOB Meeting 1:15-2:30pm
Friday, 11/15 Book Fair at Barnes & Noble 6-8pm
Tuesday, 11/19 RCO Meeting 6-7:30pm
Thursday, 11/21 Vegetable Slicing
Friday, 11/22 Stone Soup
Mon-Fri, 11/25-29 NO SCHOOL – Budget Reduction Days and Thanksgiving Break
Wednesday, 12/4 Nutcracker Performance in the gym Friday, 12/6 Talent Show 6-7:30pm
This week…
I am happy to announce that our first presentations of the year were a success. There were so many unique displays, and hopefully they will inspire us in the next round of presentations. We saw interesting fold-out poster boards, huge flags, colorful maps and national coat of arms pictures, and foods of all kinds. I think these were the best first round presentations I have seen! The next round is scheduled for the week of December 2nd. I know that is only a few weeks away, but I would like to keep at a steady pace. This makes it less likely to lose things and forget about the projects. The week of Thanksgiving is a great time to work on these new assignments.

I would like to thank Matt Trent for cutting out the shields we have been working on this week, and Kristin Warner for sewing the Viking sails we will be displaying in the classroom. The work they have provided will enrich our studies for a long timeJ

As part of our work in chemistry we looked at the different states of matter.

Next week and beyond…
In the coming week we will get a break from our fast paced schedule. With shields to paint and Stone Soup to prepare for, we will be doing more handwork and less brainwork. I’m already feeling more relaxed, and I’m looking forward to seeing the shields in their finished form. 

Eric and Emily