Eric's Weekly Update 11-10-11

posted Nov 14, 2011, 10:54 AM by Cynthia Friedman
This week…
I want to thank Jen H., Sue T., Jen A., Jackie L., and Cindy A., for helping us chaperone the Hult Center field trip. It was a lot of fun and our incredible luck held again for a rain-free outing. The ballet was flawlessly executed, of course. If you have not yet paid for the trip, please send a check or cash for $6.50, and we’ll check you off the list.

The past few weeks we studied plant roots and their parts (yes, they have parts), and amphibians and reptiles. We also watched a BBC show about life among the Masai warriors of Africa. It is amazing how adapted they are to thrive in their environment with so few possessions as they travel. Truly nothing but a small satchel on their backs as they go a-walking into the middle of the bush.

Next week and beyond…
Next week I will give some sample presentations on African countries so the students can see an example of how it is to be done when it’s their turn. I am hoping to have the presentations start on the 28th and finish by the 29th of this month. Next week we will also be learning about gravity in general, with a closer look at force, and free-fall objects. If all goes to plan we will begin some artwork on African masks.

Please note the new school lunch policy, which begins December 16. If you read the Ridgeline E-News it tells you why the lunch program is being discontinued. After the December date all students will be required to bring their own lunches from home.

Eric and Adriene