Eric's Weekly Update 10-6-17

posted Oct 6, 2017, 12:31 PM by Cynthia Friedman


Friday, 10/6                       Fundraising Committee Mtg. 8:30-9:30am

Friday, 10/6                       Ridgeline Reader Deadline

Tuesday, 10/10                  4th Grade Support Panel 6:30-8 pm

Friday, 10/13                     NO SCHOOL – Statewide In-Service

Wednesday, 10/18             Curriculum Sharing 3:05-4:05pm and 6-7pm

Thursday, 10/19                Board Meeting 6:30-8:30pm

Friday, 10/20                     Vision Screening 8:20am-1:00pm


This week…

In the previous week we learned about the scientists’ story of the Coming of Humans.  It’s a story that is still being written and a lot of editing has been required along the way.  This week we saw latitude and longitude lines on a globe, looked at the Cardinal Directions of N, S, E, and W and did a few extensions related to that.  We saw a video that helped us understand which mammals came after the dinosaurs and then looked at the humankind obsession with time.  I say that because a few times this week I really wanted to just sleep in!
We began our Philosophy Friday curriculum this week.  We took some time to relax and become mindful of ourselves and our breathing, and then I posed the following question for the class to consider: Should people be forced to apologize even if they aren’t sorry?
There are not always satisfactory answers to all the questions we ask in this strand of the curriculum, and that’s how I prefer it.  I’m interested in having students consider other possibilities and points of view, and to let go of the idea that their first impression or opinion must be correct.  Our class was split in opinions on this matter.  We talked about examples of when it might be and when it might not be.  Ask your child what they thought!


Next week and beyond…

On Monday we will start our study of the African continent.  The students will have consistent work related to this continent, culminating in several group presentations.  The initial lessons will be a general overview by me, but soon after follow-up research will be done by the students.  We will also continue our studies in botany and zoology, mostly on alternating weeks.  As a result weekly cultural lessons will usually include work in the following areas: geography, history, physics, botany/zoology.  Additional work will include grammar lessons (parts of speech/word study), geometry, and algebra for third years (in addition to the regular core work).  This is enough to keep students busy and still allow for some other interesting side-work if they are willing.


Please note that next Friday there is a statewide in-service and there will not be school.

Eric and Emily