Eric's Weekly Update 10-5-13

posted Oct 7, 2013, 10:27 AM by Cynthia Friedman
Friday, 10/4 Vision Screening 8:30-12:30pm – Bring Your Glasses!
Monday, 10/7 Bike Tune-Up Clinic 3:30pm in the gym
Wednesday, 10/9 Bike & Walk to School Day
Thursday, 10/10 Board Meeting 6:30pm
Friday, 10/11 NO SCHOOL – Statewide In Service
Monday, 10/14-29 Bike Safety Starts for Upper-el (bring helmets)
Monday, 10/14 Site Council Meeting 6-7:30pm
Thursday, 10/17 Curriculum Sharing 3:15-4:15 and 6-7pm  

We are now using online ordering for scholastic books. You do not need to send me checks, order forms, or anything else. Just go to: and order ANY book from any grade level. This is a huge bonus because you are no longer limited by the type and/or level of books. You can search for me by using the easy to use directions or use this code: FFTH3 to save some small effort. Place your order before the end of any month and the class will get points for free books! Shipping is free and will come to the school, where it will be distributed to the students. Thank you and happy shopping:)

This week…
Thank you for your support and attendance at the parent meeting last night. We had a nice big group and hopefully you went away with an idea of how things run in your child’s classroom. This week we had an overview of the Coming of Life, and just touched on the Third Great lesson, which is the Coming of Humans. We will do more of this next week. This week we also looked at the Clock of eras, which represents the history of the earth on the face of a clock. This makes it a bit easier to see how long it took for significant changes in earth’s history to occur. We used this as a chance to discuss how the passage of time is recorded. Due to the myriad of ways this can be done, we will have continued lessons on this subject.
I plan on sending home the weekly planner your child used this week. If it seems confusing to you or your child know that we are still getting used to the idea of recording. Sometimes a student forgets to record work or fills it out improperly. This is a work in progress.
Next week and beyond…
Since I am a bit behind on my lessons, next week we will begin the Third Great Lesson. This is the story of the Coming of Humans. I had hoped to do this earlier but life happened.

We will begin our studies in history next week, beginning with a discussion about Columbus, ancient European inventions, and an introduction to the Greeks. We will also discuss longitude and latitude as part of our European explorers lesson.

Please note that there is no school on Friday the 11th. 

Eric and Emily