Eric's Weekly Update 10-5-12

posted Oct 5, 2012, 10:11 AM by Cynthia Friedman
This week… This past week we have learned about the scientists’ story of the coming of humans and had a discussion about how we mark the passage of time in simple form with the tally mark. We also discussed some of the basic needs of humans to be successful. We learned about the need to map the world and to know where things are again (latitude and longitude) in preparation for our lesson on The Americas Before Columbus. There was a lot going on in Europe and the in the Americas during the late 1400’s before Christopher showed up and turned everything upside down. There were many mutual and permanent benefits and consequences of his ‘discovery.’
Next week and beyond… Next week we talk a bit more regarding the European explorers and begin what will be an in-depth study of Native American culture and North America. I also plan to begin our studies in the area of zoology. Finally, I will present the Coming of Writing (4th Great Lesson), which is perfectly timed to coincide with our study of early Native American cultures and pictographs. 

I am working on a field trip to Dorris Ranch for October and Jen Allee is working to schedule a field trip for us to the UO Museum of Natural History in November. Both will focus on Native American cultures and early settlers. Do you have any enrichment ideas or skills/talents related to our studies? Let me know! 

Eric and Adriene