Eric's Weekly Update 10-29-15

posted Oct 29, 2015, 2:04 PM by Cynthia Friedman
Friday, 10/30 Fall Boxtop Deadline – turn in boxtops today!
Friday, 10/30 NO SCHOOL – Conferences & Clothing Exchange
Monday, 11/2 NO SCHOOL – Conferences & Clothing Exchange
Tuesday, 11/3 RCO Meeting 6-7:30pm
Wednesday, 11/4 Grandperson’s Day RSVP Deadline
Wednesday, 11/11 NO SCHOOL – Veteran’s Day
Friday, 11/13 Grandperson’s Day
Friday, 11/13 Barnes & Noble Bookfair 6-8pm

This week…
Getting ready for conferences and discussing our presentation at the Barnes and Noble Book Fair have been important topics of our conversations. If you have signed up for a conference, please remember to bring your child along, as they will be leading the meeting.

During our weekly studies we learned about the Iroquois and the very difficult and sad position they were put in during the time of the Revolutionary War. We don’t often think of the Native Americans when we discuss the Revolutionary War and that’s a real shame. If it weren’t for General Washington’s Native allies, he and his troops would have starved to death waiting to cross the Delaware River. In any case, you will likely hear some of these stories as we continue in our studies of early America, but many do not have happy endings.

In other subject areas we discussed biomes in closer detail, looking at the abiotic and biotic elements as well as primary producers and consumers. We topped it all off with discussions about tertiary consumers (you and me and the big carnivorous beasts!). Also more work on the Sun.

From last weeks information regarding research projects, but it bears repeating:

The research questions sheet is not meant to be exhaustive. Some questions on the sheet cannot be discovered, and other exciting information may come up during study. If the information sounds interesting to your student, it will be interesting to the class as well.

I will be encouraging students to put their information on 3x5 cards so their presentation will be easier for them. Posters and the like make for a nice visual reminder of the things they are hearing from the speaker. I also encouraged the students to try and be done with the research portion of their tribe so that the week leading up to the presentation can be spent practicing their speech and working on pronouncing hard words. Presentations will be shared the week of November 9th.

Next week and beyond…

Next week we have our trip to Dorris Ranch on Tuesday, more learning surrounding biomes and the biotic sequence (looking at soil too), and discussions on Kindness as part of our Peaceful Character Education.

Hope you have a splendiferous weekend.

Eric and Emily