Eric's Weekly Update 10-26-12

posted Oct 26, 2012, 10:40 AM by Cynthia Friedman
Fri.-Wed. 10/26-10/31 Bring Clothing for the Clothing Exchange
Monday, 10/29 Safety Committee Meeting 3:30pm
Monday, 10/29 Papa’s Pizza Fundraiser
Tuesday, 10/30 TAG Parent Meeting 6pm
Thursday, 11/1 NO SCHOOL – Conferences
Thursday, 11/1 Clothing Exchange in the library
Thursday, 11/1 Board Meeting 6:30pm
Thursday, 11/1 Diversity Committee 6:30pm
Friday, 11/2 Clothing Exchange in the library
Friday, 11/2 NO SCHOOL – Conferences
Sunday, 11/4 Daylight Saving Time Ends – turn clocks back one hour
Monday, 11/12 NO SCHOOL – Veteran’s Day Observed

This week…
This week we had a few fun experiments surrounding the formation of celestial bodies, such as stars and planets. We also talked about the diameter of the earth in comparison to the sun (1 to 109 ratio). We saw how gravity holds the solar system together, and how the laws of attraction and repulsion rule the cosmos. The law of inertia was also observed with several fun experiments. 

Next week and beyond…
Next week there are conferences on Thursday and Friday. If you could not find a time slot that suited you we can meet at some future time. As always, you are free to schedule a visit with me to discuss your child at any time, not just during conference week. In the coming week we will be discussing more functional geography, Native Americans, and the history of Halloween! 

Eric and Adriene