Eric's Weekly Update 10-20-16

posted Oct 25, 2016, 2:32 PM by Cynthia Friedman

Gym is on Monday and Wednesday.  Dance is on Friday.  We have been asked to pass on to you that appropriate footwear for these activities is appreciated.  Boots and hard-sole shoes can make participation difficult.  Please help remind your critters on those days so they can have a safe activity.


Book order forms went home today.  If you would like to purchase a Scholastic book, please be sure to use the coupon ($5 off a $10 order) and place your order by the Friday the 28th.  We get all kinds of free books for the class with your purchases!


Saturday, 10/22                LuLaRoe Fundraiser to benefit Capital Campaign 11am-1pm

Saturday, 10/22                Skate World DDD Costume Party 4:30-6:30pm

Monday, 10/24                   Site Council 6:00-7:30pm

Wednesday, 10/26             Picture Re-takes

Thursday, 10/27                Field Trip - Diana & Eric

Monday, 10/31                   NO SCHOOL – conferences

Tuesday, 11/1                   NO SCHOOL – conferences

Sunday, 11/6                     Daylight Savings Ends – clocks back one hour

Monday, 11/7                    RCO Meeting 6-7:30pm –  *note date change*

Thursday, 11/10               Science Circus to benefit Capital Campaign 7-8pm

Friday, 11/11                     NO SCHOOL – Veteran’s Day


This week…

What a wet and slippery week we had. Our field trip to the orchard was gray and definitely wet at times, but I think we avoided the worst downpours.  We had only one slightly stuck car and no injuries.  Thank you to all those drivers who allowed us to muddy their cars and who stood in the rain with us.  Bonus points and good karma will be your reward.

As part of our Ancient European studies we looked at the role of the knight and more specifically armor.  It is a fascinating and ingenious invention to answer the problem of better and stronger arrows.  The process of one-upmanship hasn’t really stopped. 

We also learned about Daedalus and Icarus, and Perseus and the Gorgon.  The Greeks were such marvelous storytellers.

Our Philosophy Friday question for consideration was “ Is life fair?”  This is the first of several big questions.  What does ‘fair’ mean?  Is it the same as equal?  Would you make the world fair if you could?  (BTW, most students answered “no” to this last question.)

What do you think?


Next week and beyond…

Next week we form our first research groups.  Returning parents know what that means.  Our first area of study will be Northern Europe.  Students will choose a country and do some simple research to share with the class.  I will give the students examples of what is expected and then most the work will be done at home, although I often provide materials to help with the presentations boards, etc.

We take a look at the Romans and their culture in the coming weeks, and try to decide on our theme for the upcoming Book Fair.

Field trips:  Mount Pisgah, October 27th.

Mt Pisgah Field Trip


On Thursday, October 27, our class will join the kindergartners for a trip to the Mt. Pisgah arboretum.  We will board a 4J bus at 9:00 and arrive on site about 9:20 or so.  Nature guides will lead small groups along the trails while drawing their attention to the fall season points of interest.  At 11:30 all groups will join together for lunch under the pavilion.  Please plan lunch items accordingly.  We anticipate being back at school by 12:30.


This trip will require a $5.00 participation feePlease attach it to this form.  If this presents a financial hardship, please contact the office for a scholarship.


Monies collected previously for the tractor ride at Detering’s Orchard ($2.00 which went unused) will apply toward the bus rental so the only fee is for the Pisgah tour.

This trip is rain or shine so please send your child prepared for the weather.  We have been asked NOT to bring umbrellas. 

Due to limited space on the bus, we can accept only the first 4 chaperones that want to come.  Chaperones must have background check paperwork on file.

Any who wish to join us on site by driving personal vehicles must also have background check paperwork on file in the school office.



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