Eric's Weekly Update 10-20-11

posted Oct 27, 2011, 10:15 AM by Cynthia Friedman
This week…This week we have been solidifying our Africa studies assignments for research. We have also been learning about the notation of time (seconds, minutes, etc. all the way up to a millennium). We talked about how time is only important to humans to the degree that we can be so obsessed with it. Most other creatures could care less. We have also begun our studies in zoology and with fish in particular. We identified the parts and functions, and I look forward to some on-the-side research with this as well. Thursday we walked outside in the fall air and gathered some leaves for rubbings as we discussed evergreens and deciduous trees. The rubbings will make a beautiful addition to our décor! In physics we talked about why heavy things like a ship can float, and then played with a Cartesian Diver as we discovered that density is very important if you want something to sink or float.
The time has come for those wishing to volunteer in the classroom to dust off their visitor badges! If you have time free on any day Monday through Thursday between 9 and 10 or so please let Adriene or me know. Other times can be arranged as well. This is primarily for listening to students read but can also be to help them in other ways as well.

Next week and beyond…
Next week we have some more physics fun, learn about growth and reproduction of plants and do some fish prints, which we will then label.

Our fourth annual Pumpkin Hunt at Amazon Park will probably take place on the 28th. I say “probably” because it will depend on the weather. We have been lucky so far. We will walk to the park and back, so please make sure your student is dressed appropriately for the weather. Usually we hunt for pumpkins that have been hidden among the leaves and bushes, but these pumpkins are too heavy for the kids to haul back. This time the pumpkins will be decorated in class and donated to a local shelter. A sponsor will give $5.00 for each pumpkin we decorate. A nice service projectJ

Lastly, as you can see from the calendar above, there are a few no school days approaching. This is so you can have a chance to have a conference at school and discuss your child’s progress. These are usually student led and the students will be prepared in advance so they will feel more comfortable with the process.

Eric and Adriene