Eric's Weekly Update 10-19-18

posted Oct 22, 2018, 12:03 PM by Cynthia Friedman

Calendar:   Coming up: Picture Day, Curriculum Sharing, MOD Pizza, Conferences


This week…

We managed to cover everything in my lesson book this week, and I am both surprised and happy!  We learned about some of the early explorers that came to America, had an interesting discussion about ecology and biomes in general, and revisited the lifecycle of stars as we began our studies in functional geography.

In addition to learning about the early explorers to North America, we looked at the original 13 colonies.  Soon we will discuss the influence those early colonists had on the shaping of the United States, with the briefest of discussions on the Revolutionary War and eventually the War of 1812.  More details on these two wars will be available as students move into the upper grades.

Finally, we looked at Newton’s Laws of Motion, which is taught to all students for mass effect.  Get it?

I shared information with the class about how to prepare their presentation boards, with some pictures of boards from last year.  They were just examples, and we talked about how presentations could be a Power Point, a diorama, a video of themselves if they don’t want to stand in front of the class, and many other options.

Next week and beyond…

In the coming days we will play some colonial games, enjoy colonial style music, and discuss the foods typically found in an early American home.  We will also look at biomes in more detail, and discuss the fundamental needs of humans.  We will also revisit the Sun’s Family, and look closely at the characteristics of the moon.

Please remember to get the Lone Pine permission slips in ASAP.  We can take up to 6 chaperones along.  If you are interested please let me know.  On this trip, each participant is required to pay the entry fee:(

Hope you have a grand weekend.

Eric and Emily