Eric's Weekly Update 10-19-17

posted Oct 19, 2017, 2:45 PM by Cynthia Friedman

This week…

We had a wonderful trip to the Lone Pine Farms on Monday and I want to thank our many chaperones profusely.  These trips aren’t really possible without the support we receive from you.  I was a bit nervous, as this was our first outing of the year but it went off very smoothly.  I saw lots of smiles while kids were hunting for the perfect pumpkin and heard lots of excited voices coming from all over the corn maze!

This week we were able to look at the political boundaries of Africa and color in the countries. We made some simple dioramas of African animals of the Savannah, which will be coming home soon. We also looked at the parts of a fish and labeled them to reinforce the lesson we had last week.  Finally, we learned about buoyancy, which will come in handy when we revisit the concept during our planned visit to OMSI and the USS Blueback later in the school year. Fascinating!

Our Philosophy Friday lesson was on self-awareness.  We asked ourselves what 5 words describe me best?


Next week and beyond…

In the coming week, I will attempt to fit in some science experiments that support the lessons we have already had.  These are always fun and add to the interest in science we try to foster. With the obvious change in the seasons, I hope to have a short walk near the school to see differences between evergreens and deciduous trees.  It’s pretty easy to identify those differences this time of year.  We will also look at the African resources map, learn about forests, and prepare for the student-led conferences on the 30th and 31st.

Eric and Emily