Eric's Weekly Update 10-11-13

posted Oct 14, 2013, 8:53 AM by Cynthia Friedman
Friday, Oct. 11th No School. Staff In-service 

This week…
This past week we talked about the Coming of Humans and what that means for all the other living things. What have we brought to the world?
What will my contribution be to humankind? How am I blessed by the work of others? What is my life task?
We also learned about the famous explorer Christopher Columbus by way of a presentation given by a third year student. It was very informative.
Later, as we discuss the Vikings, we will revisit the idea of “discovery” and who found the Americas first.
Additionally, we learned about some of the early monarchs of Europe and the sometimes-difficult tasks of being the king of an unruly and/or fed-up population.
It was not always good to be a king or queen. We learned about the Greeks and their strict codes of conduct and their fierce warrior natures.
They were very competitive and nothing was worse than losing. As a result of this cultural phenomenon, they were very dedicated to winning at all costs.
We determined that we prefer living here as opposed to ancient Greece.J Finally, we had some practice with the idea of invisible lines surrounding our planet that we use in mapmaking.
Understanding latitude and longitude is very important if you want to sail into the sunset in search of fame, wealth, glory, or peace and quiet.
Next week and beyond…
In the coming week we will discuss the Islamic celebration known as Eid al Adha or Festival of Sacrifice. This celebration recounts the faith of Ibrahim (Abraham) as he is asked to make some very difficult choices. We know this story as the story of Abraham and Isaac. Muslims celebrate this as the story of Ibrahim and Ishmael. I know this story well and will present it carefully.

We will also begin our studies of Aesop’s Fables. These wonderful moral stories will be the basis of many discussions and the classroom presentation during the Book Faire at Barnes and Noble. As part of the fables, we will be making puppets. We would like to gather in the materials to make this possible. Please look at the list below and consider donating any items you have and are able to share. Thank you!

-Paper towel/T.P. rolls (about 15-20)
-Fabric scraps
-Felt scraps
-Elmer's Glue
-Embroidery string (variety of colors)
-Needles (dull/large enough for the kiddos to use)
-Googly eyes
-Old socks for animal bodies (colors, stripes, etc)
-Any other craft supplies anyone can think of for the puppet making :) 

Eric and Emily