Eric's Weekly Update 1-6-12

posted Jan 6, 2012, 9:53 AM by Cynthia Friedman
This week…
I hope you had a restful break. Adriene and I wish to thank all those who took the time to send in treats, cards, gifts, and general good cheer this holiday season. It made us feel good to be associated with you and your children. Thank you!

From the e-news: Read-a-Thon – We hope you all had a wonderful relaxing winter break and that you had the opportunity to curl up with your kids and read lots of good books. Ridgeline’s first annual Read-a-Thon is winding down. Students should now be tallying their total number of minutes/hours and collecting the monies pledged to them. Read-a-thon pledge monies may be turned into the office now, and they are due Friday, January 13th. Be sure to hand in your tracking sheet along with your envelope so we can do a grand total of how many minutes our Ridgeline readers accumulated! Thank you so much for participating in the Read-a-thon! ***

If you are keeping track of the reading time of your child, you may add a half hour of reading minimum for each school day since Nov. 18th.

By this reading, we have discussed leaves and their parts, looked into the mountainous areas of Africa and the animals that live there, and chosen our next round of African countries for research. The dates for those country presentations won't be until Jan. 23-25, so less pressure this time around.

Next week and beyond…

We have a lot going on in the next few weeks. As noted above in the calendar, there are all sorts of events and opportunities. In the classroom we will be looking at simple machines as part of our physics curriculum, identify and name different types of leaves, and maybe even decide on a African meal to prepare. I’m looking into having a visit from a local animal expert to help us see African animals up close and personal!

Eric and Adriene

This worksheet can be used for African country research. Use some or all of the ideas below to help you find out interesting things about your country.

o Oceans, waterways, lakes, and rivers

o Major landforms (mountain ranges, deserts, etc.)

o Animals

o Plants

o History of the country

o Type of government

o Population

o Religion and Holidays

o Types of homes

o Weather

o Origins

o Foods

o Entertainment

o Languages

o Biggest industries (mining, agriculture, etc)

o Countries that border yours

o Flag and its meaning

o Music

o Major religions

o Holidays