Eric's Weekly Update 1-23-15

posted Jan 23, 2015, 11:10 AM by Cynthia Friedman
Friday, 1/23 OBOB Meeting 1:15-2:30 pm
Monday, 1/26 Site Council 6-7:30pm
Tuesday, 1/27 Sam Bond’s Fundraiser with T.R.U.E. Performance 6:30 pm
Thursday, 1/29 Ridgeline Reader Deadline
Thursday, 1/29 T-shirt Order Deadline
Friday, 1/30 NO SCHOOL – grading day
Saturday, 1/31 Alternative Education Fair 1-4 pm 

After School Programs At Ridgeline – Several organizations are now offering after school programs at Ridgeline! If you are interested in after school activities for your student(s) see details near the bottom of the eNews in a new section called “After School Programs At Ridgeline.” Current programs include: Imagination Yoga, YoungRembrandts, and TGA Tennis & Golf. 

This week…
Tuesday we spent some time discussing apartheid and the necessary role of strong leaders that have slowly changed the way we look at equality. The kids easily understood the concepts of fairness as we discussed them. If only all people could retain that understanding into adulthood.

We also spent time using our hands to cut out and color birds for a simple bird mobile. A surprising number don’t want to use the birds in an actual mobile, so we will discuss what we might do instead.

As part of our continuing discussion on simple machine (part of our physics curric.) we looked at the giant earthmovers, cranes, and diggers that the modern age has created. They are still based on simple principles of the pulley, lever, fulcrum, and wheel.

Finally, at this writing we will looking at the parts of a plant: stem, leaf, roots, etc.

Next week and beyond…
More Egypt related fun is on the way, as well as finishing up our bird mobiles (or whatever they will be) and a closer look at the Archimedes Screw--a fantastic simple machine! 

Eric and Emily