Eric's Weekly Update 1-17-12

posted Jan 17, 2012, 12:46 PM by Cynthia Friedman
This week…
This week the students were given some classroom time to begin their last African research projects. I’m hoping to have the presentation begin the week of the 23rd. I’ll assess how far they are and let you know more details ASAP. We also learned a little bit about how the Hadza in Northern Tanzania survive and how closely they are tied to the offerings of the land. We talked about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., learned about his yearning for peace and equality, and finally listened to his entire speech given in Washington D.C. Discerning minds wonder if we have made the progress for which Dr. King hoped.

Lastly, too many allergy and taste issues made preparing an African dish difficult. Any ideas?

Next week and beyond…
Next week we will be playing with inclined planes as part of our physics coursework and watching a PBS show regarding the building of the Great Pyramids. We will compare plants in Africa to those in the US (and Eugene especially) and then a lot of time will be given to preparing for the upcoming presentations.

From the e-news:
Student Craft Fair – In conjunction with the Spaghetti dinner there will be a student craft fair. Students may sign up in the office to sell handmade items (no food) from 6-8pm, Friday, February 24th during the Spaghetti dinner DDD kick-off event. Because all available tables will be used for dinner seating, students will need to bring their own table. Kinder and Lower-El students will need to have a parent present at their table throughout the evening. All proceeds from crafts sales go to the seller.

Eric and Adriene