Eric's Update 4-22-19

posted Apr 22, 2019, 11:51 AM by Cynthia Friedman


Monday, 4/22-24            Amazon Presentations

Tuesday 4/23                Project Fair                      


Past weeks…

These past weeks we learned that life in the Amazon jungle can be pretty interesting and if one is clever, can find everything necessary for survival.  Naturally, there are some things trying to survive off of you as well (like lots and lots of flying bugs).  In Central America, we looked closely at the Olmec and tried to discover some of their well-hidden secrets like how to move a 20 ton block of stone over soft ground and then carve a head in it without using metal tools.  This lesson was followed by turning our attention to Mayan culture, architecture, and art.   

We also learned about the layers of the ocean, solar energy, and the biotic sequence. In Botany we looked at different kinds of roots and discussed the functions and advantages of the different kinds.  In Functional Geography we discovered that oblique and perpendicular rays from the sun create the warm and cold regions of the earth. 

Next coming week and beyond…

On Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday students will share round 2 of their Amazon Basin research.  I have been enjoying the clever ways each student has shown their respective animals to the class this year. 

By Tuesday I expect the room will be a regular South American animal preserve with both our current and most recent past presentations lining our walls and hanging from the vines draped throughout!

This is just in time for our Project Fair that is coming up Tuesday April 23 (3:05-4:05pm and 6-7pm).  In our class we tend to show off the presentations we have worked on and offer that information to those who wander through the classroom.  Each classroom has projects to show.  Some are science based and others are history based.  Each room will have a flavor all its own so feel free to come in and look around.


Eric and Emily