Eric's Class Weekly Update 11-15-13

posted Dec 2, 2013, 10:24 AM by Cynthia Friedman
Friday, 11/22 Stone Soup
Mon-Fri, 11/25-29 NO SCHOOL – Budget Reduction Days and Thanksgiving Break
Wednesday, 12/4 Nutcracker Performance in the gym Friday, 12/6 Talent Show 6-7:30pm
This week…
I would like to warmly thank all those who were able to participate in the Barnes and Noble Book Fair. It was a great success. You were so generous with your donations and time spent watching the entertainment. I believe every book in our classroom bin was purchased. I was not able to see how many books were in the box, as there were so many people in the area, but I am told the box was empty before the evening was over! Your kindness improves the quality of the classroom environment. 

This week we have worked methodically at finishing our shields. They are looking great. They are very colorful and covered with historical markings and patterns. When they are all done we will take some pictures as a class.

This week we also had some fun identifying parts of a bacteria, because who doesn’t love doing that? Just in time for Thanksgiving, too. 

Next week and beyond…
We have the next week off, of course, but that doesn’t mean a break from learning. Students are encouraged to continue their reading and to prepare for their next presentation. Once we are back we will study the celebration of Hanukkah (pick your spelling). It will be a bit belated, but fun nonetheless. I will make latkes and we will eat them as we discuss the history surrounding Hanukkah. On the same day we will begin our second round of presentations. I will send the schedule home in paper form as well as attaching it to this email. That week we will also look into the Celtic culture, algae, chemical reactions, and if we have time, volcanoes. Whew! 

We are now using online ordering for scholastic books. You do not need to send me checks, order forms, or anything else. Just go to: and order ANY book from any grade level. This is a huge bonus because you are no longer limited by the type and/or level of books. You can search for me by using the easy to use directions or use this code: FFTH3 to save some small effort. Place your order before the end of any month. The class will get points for free books! Shipping is free and will come to the school, where it will be distributed to your student. Thank you and happy shopping:)

Eric and Emily